20 February, 2015

How Dare You Question God’s Pets!

Posted by Socrates in 'anti-Semitism', Jewish arrogance, Jewish behavior versus White behavior, Jewish brain features, Jewish chosenness, Jewish deceit, Socrates at 2:14 pm | Permanent Link

Jews either don’t answer questions, or, they answer questions with questions. They’re slippery. You never get a straight answer from them. Here was one exchange between Jew and gentile:

Gentile reporter: “Are Jews themselves responsible for the progression of anti-Semitism?”

Jew: “I purely and simply reject the question.”

Newbies, you should know that “anti-Semitism” is not an action. It’s a reaction to Jewish behavior.


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  7. 6 Responses to “How Dare You Question God’s Pets!”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jews will not even acknowledge a question directed at them that threatens to expose their lies and hypocrisy. Or, like you say, they will respond with another question, thinking themselves exceedingly clever for doing so. They know damn well their own words and actions provoke the gentiles, but they will never change their ways. No, it’s everyone else who has to change THEIR ways.

      Shame on that radio station for apologizing to the Kikes. What abject cowardice. In an interview format, aren’t there supposed to be questions and answers?

    2. Non Ame Says:

      I’m interested to see just how far these cravenly cowardly governments will go to protect these Jews. Will jews be allowed to carry guns while real Europeans continue to be denied the right to defend themselves?

    3. White "Devil" Says:

      “It’s a reaction to Jewish behavior.”

      Funny story, in school, I recall a certain Jewish teacher (VERY poor math teacher, hardly learned jack in his class from his methods and how he explained math problems) tell me that it’s ALWAYS the retaliator who gets caught and disciplined and not the antagonist. I then said “well if you know I’m NOT the antagonist why are we even having this conversation?” He then proceeded to give me more psychobabble and deny he was defending people starting crap with me, blaming me in full basically.

      He also tried his damnest to keep me from graduating my senior year too. He was a real cunt. He’s in sales now and dropped out of education. He didn’t belong in a place where he could brainwash young people anyway so good rittance.

    4. fd Says:

      Mr. Kikenstein, was it 6 million Jews or 6 million lies?

      Oy vey! I refuse to dignify that question with a response.

    5. Robert Cardillo Says:

      What else can you expect from an ugly, pushy, just plain fucking annoying bunch of wankers who call themselves” God’s chosen people”. Nobody else would get away with that rubbish.

    6. Sick of them Says:

      Jewish people who work in the mental health field as “doctors”, nurses and “therapists” are the worst human beings alive. They prey on the weak, the injured, the tormented. They cull information from you only to flip it around and use it against you in the form of an emotional assault. Take a look at all these mentally ill people who go out and shoot up places, almost all of them were treated by some jew who poisoned their mind with drugs and played blame the victim mind games. They are demented.