2 April, 2015

Modern Women: Never Satisfied

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Women wanted to vote. Then they wanted to work outside the home. Then they wanted to be cops and firefighters. Then they wanted to become astronauts. Then they wanted to join the Marine Corps. Well, they got what they wanted. They got all of those things. Yet, women still complain about how “unequal” and “unfair” America is. What the hell do you want, women? The sun, the moon and the stars?


  • 4 Responses to “Modern Women: Never Satisfied”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:

      Sounds just like the nigger to me.

      Always ask: What would HITLER do?

    2. fd Says:

      By waging war against nature, women have painted themselves in a corner: Divorce rate is 80%. For lack of a better expression, women want their cake and eat it too.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I had forgotten all about that ERA nonsense a long time ago. Sure, impose the damn thing on us, it’ll create more lucrative class-action lawsuits for greedy Jew lawyers.

    4. Mary O Says:

      The economy forces women to work. Except the wealthy, women have no choice.

      Say a woman does stay home. Her husband’s parents will whine non-stop, “She’s ruining our son’s life. He’s under so much pressure. The kid is just her free meal ticket. She could have waited another 20 years …”

      The husband’s parents are often trouble. They suffer from the delusion that a young man can wait until he is past 40yo to marry and start a family, and then have no trouble at all finding a suitable wife.

      The truth is that if a man waits too long, women are going to think he is a gay boy or a playboy, and not take him seriously as husband material.

      How exactly could fatherhood “ruin” the young man’s life anyway? Do his parents imagine that hanging around in bars is the pinnacle of human existence?

      Perhaps too many parents live vicariously through the accomplishments of their sons, and his taking on adult responsibility might thwart accrual of multiple degrees, or taking risky glamor jobs. “My son, the Whatever, …” Typically, the parents who have this attitude didn’t go to college themselves, and don’t realize that a JD or even a PhD do not guarantee employment, let alone wealth.

      And, sometimes, fathers are just jealous, and don’t want their sons to mature into men.