11 May, 2015

Castro May Re-Join Catholic Church

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Sure. But how appropriate! Despite outward appearances, communism and Catholicism have much in common. Remember the commie Archbishop, ├ôscar Romero, in El Salvador? Some right-wingers ventilated him and now he’s officially a Catholic martyr, not a pariah like he should be. Remember the Maryknoll nuns? Same thing as Romero. Anyway, both the communists and the Catholics believe that all humans are equal, and both get their marching orders from a dictator (in Cuba, orders come from Castro; in Catholic countries, orders come from the Pope or from egalitarian archbishops like Romero). And both are obsessed with helping the poor against the tyranny of the middle-class and the rich.


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    1. alaric rexall Says:

      he never left it! that old Jesuit cia kosher puppet owes his miserable worthless life to two of cubas highly placed catholic churchs magnates,cardenal arteaga and archbishop monsignor Enrique perez serete after he attacked the moncada barracks they brokered and guaranteed his safe surrender. the coward never participated,he sent others to do his bidding’after the massacre on both sides he went into hiding only to emerge safe and sound under the protection of the church!later on the Cuban govt tried him,found him guilty and sentenced him to 30 yrs of which he only served 8 months in a prison more like a 2nd class hotel!!! a whole wing,his own food,radio,books ,unlimited unrestrained visits etc and just to show you how corrupted the whole Cuban system was while in prison the Cuban congress agreed to free all prisoners!!! just to free the bastard!now the question is who had the clout,money and power to pull it off?

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Over the past few weeks I have done some reading of traditionalist catholic blogs, ie., ‘conservative Catholics’ who are opposed to the pc zeitgeist. It is difficult to estimate what percentage of the RCC these people represent, possibly 20%, and a much higher proportion of the well educated and better off. The sort of Catholics who despise the Kennedys but look favorably on the likes of Pat Buchanan.
      There appears to be a huge division opening up within the RCC between the Vatican globalists and the old guard who regard the Vatican Conference of 1963 as a betrayal. A schism is a real possibility, and if it turns out to be an event of semi-millennial significance we need to be ready to exploit its consequences.

    3. fd Says:

      Christianity, Bolshevism, Communism, Judaism, It’s all the same poison.