7 July, 2015

Getting to the Root of the Problem

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“Joe, who works down at the hardware store, is Black. He’s a good guy. So, you see, not all Blacks are criminals.”

“Frank, who lives next door, is Jewish. He’s a good neighbor. He works at the supermarket. You see? Not all Jews are greedy bankers who hate gentiles.”

How many times have you heard White people say things like that? A few times, I’m sure. But the problem with White people thinking like that is that they’re missing the nugget of the problem: the majority of Blacks are trouble. Not all of them, but the majority. Same with Jews. Furthermore, Blacks and Jews don’t think like that. They think of Whites as a group, not as individuals. They’re thinking racially. In the end, that type of thinking by Whites will doom Western culture. If you look at Blacks and Jews only as individuals, you’ll never get to the root of the problem. In fact, individualism (individualist thinking) is the worst feature of modern America because it ignores race and culture.

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