27 July, 2015

Why Capitalism Fails

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Lots of interesting stuff here to ponder and debate. Some may argue that “capitalism doesn’t fail – just look at America.” But is materialism, me-first individualism, greed and too much free time to eat too many donuts and watch too many movies “success”? Not from an evolutionary/Darwinian standpoint. And capitalism can “lift up” Jews, Blacks and Browns. Is that a good thing? Nope. What system is best for the West? Fascism. But here’s the problem: who wants to live under fascism?


“It has failed for the poor, for the people who didn’t inherit wealth, who grow in number over time because of the increasing concentration of wealth.” Right. Because of conglomerates, there is more power and wealth in fewer hands today. Wealth in, physical and mental fitness out. That’s the chain of events under laissez-faire capitalism. The son isn’t as capable as the father who earned all the wealth, so the son’s familial “line” is weaker and less useful from a genetic standpoint.


  • 3 Responses to “Why Capitalism Fails”

    1. fd Says:

      American capitalism: heavy taxes, heavy interest, heavy debt. A rancher in West Texas sells a section of his ranch to pay property taxes to keep from losing his entire ranch.

      Laissez-faire—‘to let alone’. If that were true, the rancher would have kept his section because the government would have let him alone.

      Capitalism and laissez-faire are hyper names. Marketing is simply buying and selling. The guy on the side of the road selling fruits and vegetables for cash is the enemy of the tax man.

    2. nom nom nom Says:

      Fascism means national renewal. It’s a temporary part of the political cycle.


    3. nom nom nom Says:

      Didn’t I read that Hitler was going to disband the Party after the war? Was it in Hitler’s Table Talk?