13 August, 2015

Civil Disobedience: It’s a One-Way Street According to the Media

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Isn’t it funny how, if a Jew or a leftist engages in civil disobedience, he/she is portrayed as a hero by the media, but if a conservative does it, he/she is not portrayed as a hero?


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  7. One Response to “Civil Disobedience: It’s a One-Way Street According to the Media”

    1. -jc Says:

      And that’s why it is essential that thinking men permanently eschew all Jewish mass media of so called news and entertainment including clicking on sites where advertising is sold based on “hits” unless there is a good counterespionage reason for doing so. Explain it and pass it on. It would have been easier in the late 1950s. It won’t bankrupt the enemy but it will help get good men’s heads straight.