30 October, 2015

More Zionism: U.S. Troops Will Go to Syria

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How is Syria America’s business? It isn’t America’s business, because all countries have natural sovereignty [1] (or had natural sovereignty until neocon foreign policies were created). But Big Jew is making sure that we meddle in Syria’s affairs anyway. And America will likely send more troops to Syria later on – 50 is just a starting point.


[1] about sovereignty: [Here]

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  7. 8 Responses to “More Zionism: U.S. Troops Will Go to Syria”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      I thought Russia was handling this? Perhaps this is a pretext to get into a war with Russia, if they attack our troops?

      On a much more encouraging note, Thom and I attended our last seance with McGreen last night! It is the real thing!

      Will report Sunday . . . right now I have about 5 naked women waiting to be airbrushed. Fantastic!

    2. mrcrouton Says:

      They’re going to babysit the weapons. I would guess manpads.

    3. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      For anyone interested in reading Tim McGreen’s latest comments:


    4. -jc Says:


    5. -jc Says:

      Photo essay: http://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2015/03/the-vietnam-war-part-i-early-years-and-escalation/389054/


      In Focus
      |Mar 30, 2015
      |46 Photos

      The Vietnam War, Part I: Early Years and Escalation

      Alan Taylor [for The Atlantic]

      Fifty years ago, in March 1965, 3,500 U.S. Marines landed in South Vietnam. They were the first American combat troops on the ground in a conflict that had been building for decades. The communist government of North Vietnam (backed by the Soviet Union and China) was locked in a battle with South Vietnam (supported by the United States) in a Cold War proxy fight. The U.S. had been providing aid and advisors to the South since the 1950s, slowly escalating operations to include bombing runs and ground troops. By 1968, more than 500,000 U.S. troops were in the country, fighting alongside South Vietnamese soldiers as they faced both a conventional army and a guerrilla force in unforgiving terrain. Each side suffered and inflicted huge losses, with the civilian populace suffering horribly. Based on widely varying estimates, between 1.5 and 3.6 million people were killed in the war. This photo essay, part one of a three-part series, looks at the earlier stages of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, as well as the growing protest movement, between the years 1962 and 1967. Be sure to also see part 2 and part 3. Warning: Several of these photographs are graphic in nature.

    6. -jc Says:


      “… In his epic work on the Arab revolt, Seven Pillars of Wisdom , Lawrence describes his personal feelings and attitudes; especially his bitterness when his success was undone by the governments of the victorious powers. For Lawrence knew by November 1917, that all the Arab efforts and his own were to be betrayed. The aims of the Balfour declaration and the Sykes-Picot plan were to create a Jewish state in Palestine and partition the rest of Arabia between British and French colonial interests — which meant Rothschild interests. Although the full implications may not have dawned on Lawrence, the mere fact that the French were to get Syria was bad enough; hence his bitterness; but also his self-mortifying determination to entrench the Arabs in Damascus ahead of Allenby and the British Imperial forces at all costs to try to sabotage the conspiracy…”

    7. fd Says:

      The expansion of these phony wars makes one wonder if the disgraceful age of leviathan central government/central despotism is in its death throes.

      Tim McGreen is out there man…..he’s out there….. He might be a cowboy—a hippie—a biker……running with the ropers, dopers and the chokers….

    8. CW-2 Says:

      Rest easy fellow keyboard WN, Tim seems to have moved to Disqus. He is just teasing us with this valhalla stuff!