18 January, 2016

Singer McLean Arrested for Domestic Violence, or, Federalizing Local Misdemeanor Crimes

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It’s easy to get arrested for domestic violence these days: depending on which state you live in, simply shouting at your wife can get you arrested. But here’s the special part: even if the domestic violence charge against you is a misdemeanor, you can never own a gun again. That’s right. Thanks to a Jewish congressman named Lautenberg, a misdemeanor domestic violence charge strips you of your constitutional right to own a gun, and it’s at the federal level – i.e., it’s no longer a local crime. Police officers are apparently not exempt from the law despite what I previously stated. The law is unconstitutional for several reasons. For one thing, it is ex post facto law. This says a lot about the American legal system: decades after it was created, the law still exists.


  • 3 Responses to “Singer McLean Arrested for Domestic Violence, or, Federalizing Local Misdemeanor Crimes”

    1. fd Says:

      This is true. White men are constantly under constraint. A man that yells at his wife can be taken to jail and placed under a restraining order that hints he is a stalker, etc. A White man running errands in town is threatened with unprovoked attacks by females and non-Whites because they know the law enforcement will favor them. A lawyer wrote in an article that a man should not feel obligated to leave the house during a divorce until he has the resources to get another place. Don’t surrender your shelter too fast. And there’s all sorts of laws attached to blocking people from owning firearms. Our enemies want to kill us one way or the other.

    2. Mary O Says:

      Men who abuse their wife and/or children, always end up afraid of those children once they hit 15/16 yo. That’s worse than any legal penalty.

    3. Fogherf Says:

      Lautenpig was a Senator, not a congressman.

      Yes, the Senate is one of two Houses of Congress, but “congressman” by usage always refers to members of the lowe House.

      He was a vicious kikeasaurus and I am glad to say he died a couple of years ago.