28 August, 2016

More “Economic Growth” Nonsense: Japan Urged to Accept More Immigration

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In other words, the international bankers want Japan to commit cultural suicide via immigration (and go deeper into debt by default) in order to please the Holy God of Economic Growth. It’s total globalist baloney. First of all, economic growth cannot continue forever, since resources (whether natural or otherwise) will eventually peter out. No country has unlimited resources. No country can grow and grow forever. It’s impossible. Second of all, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with simply maintaining your economy at a certain level (i.e., not increasing growth every year). “Growth” is treated like some sort of wonderful cure-all everywhere in the world, but it’s all globalist bullshit. The “you need more growth!” claim is a fancy excuse for the New World Order crowd to push the New World Order agenda.


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    1. Tom Says:

      Historically, growth has only been an average of 1-2% a year. Most economists today believe the economy needs to grow several percent a year to be healthy, which is nonsense. Globalism and neoliberalism are nothing but hocus pocus.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      All this global growth bullshit is for one reason only, to provide more food and freebies to facilitate the continued population expansion of blacks and browns. The jews see themselves as the future feudal lords of ‘planet nigger’.

    3. Tim Says:

      Like we hear about everyone starving in North Korea over the last 40 years (Aren’t they all dead yet?) I’ve heard so many people make comments about Japan’s lack of economic growth. I knew they wisely had immigration restrictions and their own central bank and have alway told people this was the basis for the criticism from the West / Jewish media and that growth was only required with Jewish banks printing fiat money.

      Reminds me of nervy people who move into a quiet little town with a two lane road and begin lecturing the locals on why they need four lanes. Also, makes you wonder why GE built or was even allowed to build a nuclear power plant in an earthquake zone. Destroy the country?

    4. Bob Says:

      The reason why economic growth is portrayed as absolutely essential to a healthy economy is because the con game of fractional reserve banking/debt based money requires that more debt be created this year than last…every year or the whole system implodes because there isn’t enough money (which equals debt in this system) to cover the interest on the previous years notes.

      To be more specific, inflation + real economic growth must equal or exceed the average interest rate on existing debt or the system will collapse in a deflationary spiral. This is why the FED sets targets for inflation. In any rational system the target for inflation would be ZERO. If you go back and look at history, prior to the establishment of the FED (1913) there was NO inflation in the USA. You could have buried a $20 gold piece in 1780 and dug it up in 1880 and it would have had the same purchasing power. Certainly there was episodic inflation caused by wars or other short term disturbances, but no long term inflation to speak of.

      Zero growth (economic or population) should be the goal of all societies. If your economic model cannot thrive in a zero growth environment, then it is not a sustainable (or desirable) model. PERIOD.

      It is this control over “money” that is the source of Jewish power…and until we regain control over our own currencies and economies, we will be forever the victims of Jewish machinations and exploitation. That is the hard truth.

    5. Spahnranch69 Says:

      Could it be that the International Jew is starting to set his sights on controlling the Far East? Maybe Uncle Shmuli is getting nervous about sticking around in the West much longer and wants to find a new yellow host to feed off of.

    6. archer Says:

      Bob, I think has it right, the growth is needed to counter or at least make the inflation of our currency less noticeable, so the trolls don’t figure out how badly they are getting screwed with fiat money and the interest on it.

    7. terry Says:

      Been saying EXACTLY THIS for YEARS!