2 August, 2016

Scaring the Rubes Into Not Voting for Donald Trump

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Now the anti-Trump crowd is questioning his sanity; these people will say anything to prevent him from becoming president. (Don’t forget: Jews have led the anti-Trump movement, e.g., neocons, the media, Wall Street investment bankers, Hollywood).


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  7. 5 Responses to “Scaring the Rubes Into Not Voting for Donald Trump”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:

      I so love to see the jews panicking
      as they begin to lose their Marxist

      Turns out Trump was a “sleeper cell”
      for White Nationalism – their absolute
      very worst fear.

      For the edgy, reactionary, paranoid kike,
      he is no different than Hitler.

    2. Luke Says:

      I will continue to caution those in the pro-White community to not get their hopes up too high with regards to Donald Trump.

      And, I would like to point out that our #1 enemy is keenly aware that this November election will either seal their White Genocide and final destruction of Western Civilization agendas or it could mark the beginning of a reversal of those agendas. That means that they will be pulling every dirty trick in the book to try to make sure the Hildebeast wins and Trump loses.

      And, if Trump does win – the jews have Plan B already in place. Mike Pence – who is a guy who has low approval ratings in his home state, and who supports TPP, and most of the rest of the jewish anti-White agenda and he is a huge toe sucker for the false flag terrorism sponsoring state of Israel. Trump could get JFK’d, and then, bingo – Pence moves up and replaces him and its back to business as usual.

    3. fd Says:

      The Federal principle destroyed statehood.

    4. Erik du Fresne Says:

      Mister Trump stated that the Washington Post is heavily biased against him:


    5. Luke Says:

      Guess what I stumbled across today, while doing my daily web news reading?


      “Dr. Harold Bornstein, who has been the GOP nominee’s doctor for 35 years, told NBC News on Friday that he stands by his glowing assessment of the 70-year-old’s physical state. ”

      Joe Stalin made the fatal mistake of having a jew as his personal doctor, and Stalin wound up 10 toes up.

      More and more, I realize just how much of a hilarious joke the term ‘White Supremacist’ truly is – because, based on my observations, Whites have to be the stupidest race of low IQ morons ever to exist on this planet.

      How else can anyone describe a race that is so incredibly dumb that they seem to be totally incapable of (a) learning from past mistakes of Whites in the past and then not repeating those very same mistakes, and (b) honing their intellectual ability to memorize their enemy’s profile and tactics and then being able to stay one step ahead of them?