6 August, 2016

The West: the Rising “Tide” That Lifts All the Black Boats

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Seen on the TV: a big, Western company bragging about how it invested billions of dollars into Africa and thereby helped improve the lives of millions of Africans by creating jobs, funding health care and education, etc. (Gee, thanks a bunch, big corporate stooges. Now, sickly, unwanted/unplanned/bred-like-rabbits African babies will survive and later come to America as “refugees” – or they’ll be adopted by rich Hollywood celebrities [same thing almost]). Here’s the point: Consider how unsuccessful the Third World would still be without White help. Would the negroes have telephones? Cars? Electricity? Clean water? Doctors? Nope. Blacks would still be living in the jungle and throwing spears if not for Whites. The West: stupidly helping the Turd World for decades. What if sheep helped wolves? What if chickens helped foxes? How long would they last?[1].

[1] How will Western Civilization survive if it becomes flooded with Turd World people, or similarly, if it gives too much aid to Turd World people who would normally “sink like stones” in the pool of life (as if we need more people on this earth competing for resources)? It won’t survive – in fact, Western Civ is dying

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