28 November, 2016

The Ohio State University Attacker Was a Black Somali Immigrant

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Hey, America, how’s that diversity working out for ya? Not so good?

[Article] and [Forum].

  • One Response to “The Ohio State University Attacker Was a Black Somali Immigrant”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      They’ll be in denial about this all day.
      Muslim ? Jihad?
      No its because we White people weren’t welcoming
      Enough I heard a Libtard say.
      Good Grief Charlie Brown!!
      Some people will deny its Race or Religion all day
      Until it hits them on the head like a frying pan.
      By then its usually too late.
      Stop all Muslim immigrants Now!
      Ship the turds here back to their 3rd world shit holes at their
      Govt of origins expense! More proof them and us just don’t
      belong together. Screw these Subhuman Trash!