13 January, 2017

The Constant Over-Glorification of U.S. Veterans and U.S. Wars

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Seen: a female TV host thanking a U.S. soldier who served in Iraq or Afghanistan for “your service to our country.” Service to our country? What do you mean? I hear that completely inaccurate thank-you all the time. The implication is that the soldier is somehow defending America. Granted, those soldiers are brave – probably braver than most of us. I would not want to dodge bullets in combat. But, let’s be clear: it’s been decades since any U.S. soldier fought to defend America. Fighting in Iraq isn’t defending America. Ditto Afghanistan, ditto Vietnam, ditto Korea. (Furthermore, the only reason ISIS and similar groups exist is because of America’s Zionist foreign policies. Our wars today are actually Israel’s wars) [1].


[1] America has only been attacked twice by enemy countries: by Japan in 1941 in Hawaii (an attack that Roosevelt deliberately provoked) and by Britain in 1812 at Fort Mackinac, Michigan

  • 6 Responses to “The Constant Over-Glorification of U.S. Veterans and U.S. Wars”

    1. Nigger_Daisy Says:

      Thus, )

    2. fd Says:

      Regimented patriotism is tyranny/despotism. The propaganda arm of the government is the media. Federal intriguers promote the idea that everybody should march the lockstep or be a traitor.

      Joining the military is like hiring out to be a cop. You know up-front that it’s a criminal organization. If a young man wants to be an invader, he can sign up at the nearest recruiting office. The recklessness of putting yourself in a dangerous environment and being ground up by a roadside bomb is right in there with crippling yourself on a wild motorcycle ride. The soldiers come home and want the taxpayers to support them for the rest of their life because they made a bad choice. The Federals hand out medals like door prizes. Everybody is a hero in this disgraceful age of excessive praise. Cheap glory and empty victory. I’m not buying it.

    3. fred woodard Says:

      you forgot the uss liberty, but as we all know somehow no one seems to know about this act of war, and loss of American life. Wonder why?

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      The problem is the Pentagon and Intelligence agency’s. Are mostly composed of
      Democratic party Apparatchiks. !

    5. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I have respect for the white vets who have seen combat, but they also anger me as they should be defending their race. They can’t see through the fog of kike propaganda and disinformation and believe they are defending “merica” when in reality they are enforcers of Zionism and Izzy’s hegemonic ambitions.

    6. TJ Says:

      I’m a Christian. Hi Alex, well done on getting nowherr in 10+ years. Guess what happened….