5 April, 2017

Media Myths

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“No, the dogma that the Second World War was necessary and good, that it saved the world or that it preserved our freedom, is entirely the creation of Jewish propagandists. Of course, the Second World War didn’t preserve America’s freedom. America’s freedom was never threatened by Germany. Hitler could not even have imagined taking away America’s freedom. His war against America was entirely defensive. We were the aggressors. The U.S. Army invaded Germany and took away Germany’s freedom, not the other way around. There was never the slightest danger that Hitler would invade America.

And we certainly didn’t save the world; what we did was turn half of the world over to rule by communist butchers for nearly 50 years. We didn’t even defend America’s vital economic interests by destroying Germany. The only people whose vital interests were defended by America’s participation in the Second World War were the Jews.”


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