7 June, 2017

Unintentionally Funny: D-Day Was the Best Day of the 20th Century

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Where do these people learn their history? Amazing. As if!

Newbies, first of all, World War II was already over in Europe by D-Day (June 1944): Germany could not have won the war then, especially after the 1942-1943 Stalingrad battle [1]. Second of all, WWII was a disaster for White Western culture – in fact, you could say that “Western culture died in WWII.”

(As to the common claim that, if Hitler had not invaded Poland in 1939, WWII would not have occurred: that’s baloney. WWII would have occurred regardless. The Jews were planning to wage war on Hitler since at least 1938 and probably way before that. If not Poland, then the “allies” would have used another excuse to start WWII) [2].


[1] “The fall of Stalingrad is the finish of Europe…There you can say it was finished and well finished, the white civilization.” — Louis-Ferdinand Céline

[2] “We are going to lick that fellow Hitler. He isn’t going to get away with it.” —- Jewish powerbroker Bernard Baruch to General George Marshall in 1938, one year before WWII began

  • 6 Responses to “Unintentionally Funny: D-Day Was the Best Day of the 20th Century”

    1. Tomas Says:

      They learn history from progressive history teachers who basically teach Hitler bad, Jews good.

    2. BroncoColorado Says:

      Stalingrad was the wrong battle at the wrong time, and it is true we have been in retreat since then, but it was the Cold War of the next 40 years which gave us a breathing space.

    3. fd Says:

      The New Reich was a threat to the international monetary system and the money powers went berserk.

    4. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Big Jim Jesus says:

      “Both Hitler and Stalin rejected Christ. Now Russia accepts Him more than does Europe. Let us look to Russia, while praying for our perishing brethren in Europe. But I feel that the Spirit is telling me that Europe has been given over to the Destroyer.”

    5. Chandala Says:

      Hitler was defending all of Europe from Communism. Stalin lured Germany and England into a war in Europe to exhaust both parties, so that he would be able to come in at the last minute, when both parties were totally spent, then Stalin would be able to conquer all of Europe in a walkover, all the way to the Atlantic. Read Suvorov, Icebreaker and The Chief Culprit. By the time Hitler realize what Stalin was planning it was too late to win the war but Hitler sacrificed himself and much of Germany by launching Operation Barbarosa, thereby destroying Stalin’s chances of conquering all of Europe. As a relult, Hitler managed to save at least Western Europe from immediate Communist conquest. The only question is how Stalin could have kept Hitler in the dark when the Soviet preparation for war were so massive. Even Hitler admitted that he had no idea that the Russians had such massive numbers of troops and equipment. Treason by the head of the Abwehr, Admiral Wilhelm Franz Canaris, is one possibliity. He was executed by Hitler toward the end of the war… too late.

    6. Bessie May Mucho Says:

      England didn’t have to be “lured” into WWII. They entered it willingly. England has always sought to destroy any country that threatened it’s power. First it was Spain, then it was France, and then it was Germany. It is wonderful irony that their two “victories” over Germany have reduced them to a third rate power.