21 August, 2017

Antifas Doxxed?

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Accurate? Not accurate? Anybody know? [SF thread].

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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      No idea really . But we can all rest assured that political AND social
      Persecution WILL precede putting Pro Whites into camps .

      The Liberals Commies and Jews all fantasize about a French Style Revolution
      Where Whites who haven’t been beat down or surrendered yet will go to
      Extermination Camps .

      So Feel no Guilt if we can turn the tables on them because its what they
      Have planned for us.

      Unless you act like one of Them which is a Braindead Brainwashed Party Line Parrot
      Then youll be Classified as Evil Whitey — Right or Wrong.

      However WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW is Note the political leanings of your neighbors.
      If you are Conservative or the Horrors! Pro White, and are surrounded by liberals commies
      Or Jews then u need to move and find friendlier territory.