6 August, 2017

Dissent at Google

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Some people are starting to ask political questions at Google. Oy, veh! And what timing: just as internet censorship is significantly increasing.

If you were to sum up leftism in one word, the word should be: control. The Left must control everything. The workplace. The city. The state. The entire country. Everything. The Left must control people from cradle to grave. That’s the very nature of leftism. Look at Californicate, for example: by official mandate, that state has banned state-funded travel to other states that don’t strongly embrace homosexuality and “transgenderism” the way CA does. As if the laws of other states are CA’s business! As if!

Also, ever notice how anything having to do with media, whether it be news media, information media, social media, is almost always left-wing (and Jewish-controlled)? (Furthermore, on that same topic, as an FYI, it’s very difficult for a leftist to change his stripes. Your political way of thinking is largely hard-wired into your brain, and changing ideologies is nearly impossible. Some people have done it, yes, but most people cannot do it. Leftists [and most women] are “right-brain” [or “feminine/feeling side”]-thinking people and Rightists are “left-brain” [or “masculine/data- and facts-only side”]-thinking people. Right-brain = feeling/emoting/creativity, left-brain = the opposite. Many right-brain people have trouble controlling their emotions, which makes them more violent; indeed, most political violence in the world comes from the Left.


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    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Well, I am left-handed and creative, so I guess that is a double reason for being “right-brain.”

      Thom McQueen was born left-handed, and has gone back to it a lot, but the nuns in his Catholic school literally beat left-handedness out of him. Sour, desperate bitches. (He told me that he saw a 200-lb priest slug a 12-yr. old kid in the stomach. That kind of stomach-blow is what killed Houdini. I don’t know if the kid survived or not).

      But anyway—-this brain-side thing is horseshit. There has got to be more to it than just “left-brain=thinking (rational)” and “right-brain=creativity (weirdo).”

      You would be surprised at the number of decent “conservative” creative people. They don’t like to be told what to do, or how to think, or what kind of faith they should have . . . but isn’t that what this website is all about?

      Think about this: If right-brain equals weirdo, should not all Jews and lefties actually be left-handed? They are not, not by a long shot.


    2. Antagonistes Says:

      As a matter of fact, all Negroes and Islamites, etc, should be left-handed, since they cannot control their emotions, as is thought.

      Not the case.

      Furthermore, Italians, many French and certain Germans, and the more expressive European peoples should be left-handed, mostly.

      They are not.

      I WILL grant you this: In my younger days, in art class, I looked up from my work table and just happened to notice that more than half the class was lefties.

    3. Emily Henderson Says:

      No, there is brain science behind which hand you use. Preference for one side of the body indicates dominance of one hemisphere or another.

      However, of course it’s more complex than that. The ‘wiring’ between hemispheres (stronger on one side or other, or more ‘even’) has a lot to do with intelligence and behavior.

      Weight and size of the brain does, too.

      Frontal lobes that ‘light up’ more on MRI indicate a person is more analytical. And so on.

      I’m a left-handed person as well-and was always good at artistic things, I’m emotionally sensitive, but also logical. I look for answers even if I don’t like the ‘feeling’.

      This runs in my family. Brain wiring is a combo of genetics and environment you are in when developing. An abused child locked in a closet won’t develop language areas in the brain, and after age 6 this will affect them for the rest of their life-neural pathways are built up to age 6, then you can only build on the ones you have, you get no more.

      (Also, if certain posters can control their emotions, it would be nice not to devolve down Emily’s giant ass bitch on her period -ville) ;)

      Anywho, men and women are wired differently and have different skill sets and ways of looking at things, and then further ethnic groups and individuals are also different.
      When you have someone who is both logical and caring it indicates ‘even’ wiring. There are girls with IQs in the 160s, but they are wired female. A man with an iQ of 125 is still male. So there will be differences that have to do with more than intelligence. Should not be considered insulting.


    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Thanks for the reply, Emily.

      But I think the brain-size thing is also false.

      My head is not large, but yet I qualified to be, and am, in Mensa (for what that is worth—it is mostly a collection of bright people who have not done a damn thing in their lives!)

      Maybe my brain is tightly wrapped in a small brain-case?

      I am like you—truth is truth, regardless of how I “feel” about it.

      The “wiring between the hemispheres has a lot to do with it” —intelligence, that is. I can believe that—it is not the density of the hemisphere, which one is bigger, but how they communicate with each other, how they dance with each other. That makes sense to me.

      Actually, sometimes I think I am on a cross—-the right-brain being the vertical (divine), and the left-brain being the horizontal (earthly) . . . and I am very close to the center, and oftentimes in conflict.

      But the fact that there is “no forgiveness” for bypassed opportunities—-such as developing language areas in the brain after a certain age—–this is more frightening to me than the tales of eternal hell!

      But ignoring the male-female differences is also eternally damaging.

      It is all so complex!

      My friend, Thom McQueen, whose wife just died, said that he has spent all his life in understanding women, sifting through the falsehoods of the left and the feminists, and just when he STARTS to understand them (women), the love of his life is taken away.

      This is an eternal sadness.

    5. Emily Henderson Says:

      No such thing as perfection or perfectly happy, as you can’t erase things completely from your memory. But time does help. Good luck to Thom.

      “In the night of death, hope sees a star, and listening love can hear the rustle of a wing.” -Robert Ingersoll

    6. Emily Henderson Says:

      @Antagonistes: regarding ‘no forgiveness’ for language centers–perhaps I oversimplified.

      There was a kid who had 98 percent of his brain destroyed. It started to grow back. He walks and talks and is developing almost normally. The brain is a complex organ, we should know more about it than we do by now. Sad that we know more about the heart or lungs than the brain.


      Sometimes life is kind of cool like that, lol.

    7. Tina Carter Says:

      “Left Must Control Everything”?

      Are you guys still stuck in political dichotomy?

      Jared Kushner married to Trump daughter — a Jew, and control republican party.

      Hell, the entire administration of Trump — as well as – Bush The Nincompoop Jr was larded with Jews both front & hidden.

      Condoleezza Rice the former United States Secretary of State? She wasn’t just a black hired by Bush Jr. She spoke Yiddish — how many blacks do you know can speak jewish lingo?

      Get over this shitty traditional left vs right. This is what destroying our race.

      Republican party as well as entire conservative movement is our racial enemy — if not more dangerous than liberals. Left we can see what they stand for. Right + Alt-Right use us than than do the bidding for Jews & big corporation.

      We don’t need political revolution, but a racial ignition.

      Stop supporting our enemy start embracing our race.

      Fuck Trump & Alt-Right (Pro Jew & Pro Israel) traitors.

    8. Tina Carter Says:

      @ Antagonistes

      Just take a look at the Afghan War — 16 years and 5 trillions dollar and it is the longest war in the US history. Guess who is winning?

      As for “Negroes” I hate to remind you what has happened in US. Like it or not Obama was way better president than idiot Trump.

      I don’t know why White Nationalist bother voting for a man whose family is married to Jews.

      Also, Trump said Israel will always come before U.S. interest (just look up his speech in youtube).

      Do you think Late Dr. William Pierce would supported him. How about Professor Revilo P. Oliver.

      If you don’t know them than perhaps you should stop watch Jews’ Porn.
      “Not the case.”

      White American have been losing all the war since WW2 — which U.S. fought on the wrong side anyway.

      “Furthermore, Italians, many French and certain Germans, and the more expressive European peoples should be left-handed, mostly.”

      What are you talking about.

      I am French. We are more racially conscious than White American will ever be. Unlike you we did not run away when our home land was being destroyed by communist during WWI & WWII — which by the way white mullato like your forefathers caused it in the first place.

      By the way who is pushing for Muslim Migration (which is mostly blacks from Africa walking along with few Arabs)?

      I bet you didn’t even know this that for every single arab refugee we now have 9 blacks refugee. Thanks US of A.

      Where would Soviet be if it wasn’t for NYC millionaires who finance it after the fall of Czar?

    9. Socrates Says:

      Tina Carter Says: “Get over this shitty traditional left vs right. This is what destroying our race.”

      Well, I’m sorry that you’ve been fooled into thinking that there is no “political Left.” I can assure you that there is one. It controlled Congress, and most state legislatures, for 50 fuckin’ years, ditto the Supreme Court. It’s often called the “Judeo-Left” since Jews played a major role in creating it, at least here in America. Nonetheless, leftists have done and are doing major damage to traditional White America – look at the “sanctuary cities.”

    10. fd Says:

      When one White generation criticizes another White generation, it’s like looking in the mirror.

      I am not about to criticize the French, but it’s undeniable that the Anglo- French alliance allied with communist Russia to destroy Germany in WW2. After WW1 the French placed Negro occupation troops in the Rhineland. Nobody has clean hands.

      So far as left/right and liberal/conservative, it’s all the same poison to me. All of the aforementioned have one thing in common: maintain central despotism.

    11. Antagonistes Says:

      Although France was a once-great civilization, now most Americans see the French as a species of white niggers.

    12. fd Says:

      The Waffen-SS (Armed SS) received more volunteers from France than any country in Europe. The French are a wild card, a ringer. Their White racial groups could be the most radical on the continent.

    13. Socrates Says:

      fd, I agree. The French are a wild card. More stubborn and emotional, in my opinion. And harder to predict.

      The French were made more unique by the French Revolution. They murdered many intelligent people during the revolution, severely altering their “natural” trajectory as a people.

    14. Antagonistes Says:

      “more unique”! They were made into tribe of vindictive, nasty, murderous morons.

      Just go over there. You can still feel the sorrow, the madness–it is soaked into the pavement.

      France has a habit of getting rid of its best people, sometimes in gruesome ways.

    15. Emily Henderson Says:

      Aw hell no.

      Actually, true on French as ‘wild card’. Jackie Kennedy hated ’em and she was French, haha.

      Bill Bryson made some very funny observations on French behavior.

      I am part French-the place varies from North to South quite a bit. The Cathars were not all killed for no reason. Languedoc (Land of Oc) had their own language (Oc) and wanted nothing to do with the Cathy Licks (I’m going very far into the wayback machine for that, yes).

      There are some very ‘maverick’ types, and the get-along-gang (who will kill whoever isn’t gettin’ along).

      Our DeCheneau ancestry starts in Languedoc, so the whole thing is personally fascinating.
      Normans gave Brits their legal system (I don’t know if that’s a point of pride or not, lol).

    16. Tina Carter Says:


      You are beating around the bush.

      Do you deny the fact Trump’s kids are married to Jews?

      He said it on his speech Israel will always come first!

      Republicans supporting Trump means supporting Jews.

      Yes, or No?

      Trump is not Trojan horse , he is a self proclaimed traitor.

      This so called Left vs Right is only dividing our race.

      Republicans are our enemies, and this so called “Alt-Right” are mindless soldiers for Israel. Same goes for liberals.

      As long as Jews control media and entertainment industry we will never ever gain true freedom for our race.

      Yes we French are different from Anglo-Saxon who are nothing but light skin mulatto. Most English speaking people are like Trump married to Jewish family. Having blond and blue eye don’t make you Europe, otherwise Jews would be called Europe rather than Semite.

      That being said, we are not starting a inner racial bashing, you guys are.

      We can not, will not be able to solve this problem until we take back control of media and entertainment industry.

    17. Emily Henderson Says:

      @Tina: Not speaking for others but for myself, the hope was that Trump would, ya know, do what he said.

      Reason for this hope: he is not a traditional Repub. He came from outside of that system, so people hoped that would mean something. Most people running did not tell truth on our border issues, Sanctuary City criminals, Healthcare allocated to said criminals, and so forth. He also claimed he’d not be part of the ‘let’s go to Syria’ war machine, policing the world.

      So he’s turned out to fail on many if not most of this, and appoint Zio Christards to positions of power, which is horrible. But that is not due to ‘Alt Right’. It is very much due to Jew.

      But the Left was going to go into Syria, bring in millions of ‘refugees’, and pump blacks up to believe that ‘not being allowed to rob convenience stores’ is akin to slavery and abuse.

      So both parties suck and we need a new one.

      Also, Anglo Saxons are not mulatto, unless you are being facetious.

    18. Tina Carter Says:

      @Emily Henderson

      The fact Trump had his kids married to Jews should’ve been the red line. Far beyond that nothing else matter.

      There is no ifs, and buts.

      It’s us vs them.

      Late Dr. William Pierce said it better. We have reach the point where political system is corrosive to our racial survival.

      We don’t need another political party, and we need a racial awakening. That ain’t gonna happen until Jews control media and entertainment industry (and now they are close to shutting off internet for all nationalist).

      PS: Compare to Western European Anglo-Saxons are half breed. Trump family is a fine example. Even Bush 2.0 brother is married to a Latina.

      I need not telling you about Queen’s family…

    19. Emily Henderson Says:

      @Tina: A racial awakening could bring forth a political party like Golden Dawn. Needs to combine economic interests with racial of course. That requires racial awakening first.

      Correct on internet, they want no alternatives to (((them))).

      The Queen’s fam are compromised by Jews, but I’d define that not as mulatto, lol.

      But re Trump: His kids were not running for President, and one could hold out hope he was honorable regardless of his kids. His pro Israel banter and appointments of Zionists, including being represented by (((Jay Sekulow))) are what make him dishonorable, as people can’t control their kids for the rest of their lives. His relationship with Kushner is clear, though, and yes it is a prob.

      But a bunch of people pooling their resources is all that would be powerful enough to matter, as far as the future goes. Withdrawal from them and give only to ourselves. They try and make it so you can’t do it, but there are ways, as others have done it.

    20. Tina Carter Says:

      @Socrates Says:

      Tina Carter Says: “Get over this shitty traditional left vs right. This is what destroying our race.”

      “Well, I’m sorry that you’ve been fooled into thinking that there is no “political Left.””

      If you have read any of my post — I have been on this site for very long time. I don’t support left, or right.

      Our racial survival don’t depend on supporting conservatives movement. It was religious conservatives who promoted mix race marriage — and you can see the fruit of their product on the south — so called Latino. Entire South and Central America is half & half.

      Latino; An ironic term considering Roman were pure breed, and I guess they are referring to time when it emerge into a mongrel empire. Strangely it started with rise of Christianity — a religion created by Jews for their white slaves. Later Spanish and Portuguese committed their race for similar suicide in new world.

      “I can assure you that there is one. It controlled Congress, and most state legislatures, for 50 fuckin’ years, ditto the Supreme Court.”

      You sound like one of those old white guys in their 60s who think anything done by left is evil, never mind the fact Jews control both political party.

      If you read my post; I gave you an example, Bush installed vast majority of Jews, and Blacks who even spoke in yiddish and hebrew. Oh by the way, current conservatives leader Trump family is as Jewish as it gonna get.

      I also noticed that you didn’t response to my query that Trump kids’ are married to Jews. Jared Kushner is the most powerful man in White-House.

      Democracy & Christianity ain’t gonna save our race. Same goes for Left vs Right nonsense. Current political system is poisonous to our race.

      Again; as long as Jews control the mind of our racial brothers and sisters through media and entertainment industry. We will never be able to save our race.

    21. Socrates Says:

      Emily Henderson Says: Not speaking for others but for myself, the hope was that Trump would, ya know, do what he said.


      Yes. That’s right, Emily. We all need something to hope for. Maybe Bannon can influence Trump still.

      Yes, Trump has lots of Jews around him. Yes, this is a big problem.

      Yes, the political process in America (including Left and Right parties) is rotten and anti-White. Tina is correct that race is all-important and that politics is just playing childish Patty-Cake games. But we all hold out hope of some sort, including me. I still remember what America used to be like (or, the veneer of America, anyway).


    22. Antagonistes Says:

      Here is one of those French niggers who does not even know that the moon revolves around the earth:


      As I have said, the good, white people have left France. All that is left is French mulatto/nigger dunces.

    23. Tina Carter Says:

      @Emily Henderson

      “The Queen’s fam are compromised by Jews, but I’d define that not as mulatto, lol.”

      Sister, mulatoo means mixture of two races. Jews used to look like curly hair, hook nose (a feature they resent the most).

      Now mix breeding started among English long time ago.

      It’s not for nothing Queen Victoria was nicknamed “the grandmother of Europe” while Christian IX was nicknamed “Father-in-law of Europe”.

      Now, I understand that my kinsmen in North America would like to revise the term “mulatoo & half-breed” considering vast majority of them are melting into a racial cosmopolitan.

      However, it is used for anyone who is a by product of two race. Like Black & White, or Jews & White, and any other two races. This include Trump’s grand kids “mulatoo”, as well as “Bush” kids.

      You might wanna read about proud anglo-saxon murdering their wives and replacing them with Jewess.

      Why did Henry VIII kill his wives?


    24. Tina Carter Says:

      @Socrates Says:

      I understand the pain and misery my fellow White Americans are going through. I can even understand the horror they must’ve felt when Clinton 2.0 try to get into White House in 2016.

      However, maxim “Actions speak louder than words” should have given you guys red alert. Perhaps I might sound too extreme to you guys. But I personally believe any person who has racially betrayed his race, is our enemy. Beyond that nothing else matter. His kids are married to Jewish. He is our enemy. That’s it.

      “Yes. That’s right, Emily. We all need something to hope for. Maybe Bannon can influence Trump still.”

      I hate to burst your hope:

      “I’m a Jewish American who worked with Steve Bannon. He is not a racist or an anti-Semite”


      Our racial survival will not be assured by voting system. People who do not fight will be replace by those who will fight. Vast majority of our white brother and sister are feeling big cities (so called “white flight”).

      “Yes, Trump has lots of Jews around him. Yes, this is a big problem.”

      That’s it, no hope from him. Period!

      ” But we all hold out hope of some sort, including me. I still remember America used to be like (or, the veneer of America, anyway).”

      The Europe & American you remember from your childhood is gone. My generation has to live in a different world. So would my children — mostly likely as minority among non-white. Both side of the Atlantic Ocean is pretty following the same path dictated by Hollywood.

      I am sorry to say that but our forefathers paved the way for our racial destruction. Nothing short of a bloody revolution will stop current genocidal path our Jewish masters are pushing us.

      I am not suggesting any violence. I am merely pointing that it is foolish to waste our resources on getting white nationalist into white house.

      We need to created more viable community and select leaders like late Dr. William Pierce, Professor Oliver etc.

    25. fd Says:

      Before chess champ Bobby Fischer died, he insisted the Jew population in America was about 30 million. That might be a stretch. But I’m confident the population is at least 15 million. There are more Jews over here in FederaLand than Israel. Jews are still running the con there population is 6 million in America. It’s their magic number to psyche out enemies.

      Information that will give you the creeps: In the Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups, it states clearly that the Jews literally followed the Germans to the Midwest.

    26. Emily Henderson Says:

      @fd: makes sense on psyching out with numbers, as Hebrew and ancient pagan Jew religion is very much into all of that. Each letter having a corresponding number and whatnot.

      Interesting on following of Germans.

      @Tina: I’ve no prob with the term, reason for protest was that in the States mulatto has come to be identified with only a black n’ white admixture.

      It actually comes originally from Spain/Portugal-means a mix of horse and donkey, lol.

    27. Antagonistes Says:

      It might be that the choice of the future is this: Do I join the niggers, like the French; or do I join the Jews, like the English?

      The Jews are more like us. We should be more like them, in order to survive.

    28. Antagonistes Says:

      White people cannot and could not hold a concept in their minds for over two-thousand years. The Jews can, and have.

    29. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom McQueen’s late wife was half-Jewish. She was a race-realist. Knew all about black crime, hispanics, etc. and did not vacillate, like most white people.

      Maybe we can get some heart from the Jews?

    30. Emily Henderson Says:

      Talmud says if a Whitey is drownin’ let him drown.

      Also says they will boil Jebus in his own excrement, as punishment for faking being the Messiah.

      Individual Jews may be anti Israel and most are racist against blacks if honest. But no, no heart as a collective for Whites.

    31. The Red Skull Says:

      I would disagree with the hard wired premise. Being a Conservative or even worse
      A Racially Aware White person, requires Courage of Convictions and Courage in general.
      To fight upstream against majority opinion is tough and lonely.

      Most Liberals and Leftists are Cowardly pussies who buckle immediately when
      Presented with hard facts of any kind.
      They cant or wont debate on any pertinent points so they fall almost as quickly
      Into name calling which just makes me laugh and that makes them implode
      Even more.
      Once they leave “The Programming ” behind however it happens they can become
      Useful again.
      Usually it takes a violent shock to break the programming and as we’ve all seen.
      White guilt runs so deep in some they never wake up. I say “Good Riddance “!

    32. The Red Skull Says:

      However i should state i do agree with the main premise of The Left and the Jews being
      Total Control Freaks!

      Their Control Urge runs smack dab into Aryan Mans Freedom Urge.

      Civil War when conditions are right.
      Its coming soon.