28 August, 2017

Flash Rallies

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About a week ago, just before the Stormfront forum was shut down, there was an interesting thread posted there. It was about flash rallies for White nationalists/Alt-Righters.

As most of you know, every time there is a White nationalist/Alt-Right rally, mask-wearing, left-wing “antifa” thugs show up and assault people. Why do the antifas assault people? Apparently, they don’t like free speech and freedom of association.

Anyway, the concept of flash rallies is to avoid the usual violence that happens at pro-White rallies. In other words, the idea is about peace (some of you remember peace: we used to have it in America).

From what I understand, a flash rally is basically this: it’s just like a regular rally, except the location of the rally is kept secret until the last possible minute. Only a few people know the exact location of the rally beforehand. Potential attendees are carefully chosen beforehand, and code words might be used as well, to avoid any snitching to the antifas by informers. The media is notified about the rally at the last minute, for publicity’s sake. Then the rally starts. In theory, by the time the rally is over, it’s too late for any violent antifas to show up.

Would flash rallies work for White nationalists/Alt-Righters? I don’t know. To my knowledge, they haven’t been tried.


  • 4 Responses to “Flash Rallies”

    1. Stronza Says:

      It is hard to believe it has taken the alt-right/pro-white/etc. so long to figure this out. Or maybe not.

    2. CZ Says:

      Stronza Yes….

      Negroes have been doing this for years to rob stores.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      Anyone Pro White will be gone after for illegal assembly without a permit .
      Antifa or niggers No wont be busted. Social media makes it just as possible
      for them to quickly assemble a counter demonstration. Bad part about the shit
      in Charlottesville is the Mayor is a Communist
      Jew and the Governor of Virginia is a communist
      Hillary sellout piece of shit.
      That works against us.

    4. Robert Ferrara Says:

      I have been reading about the kaffirs in Houston, going in and engaging in the type of behaviour that they are notorious for. Looting, and being the White Man’s Burden that Rudyard Kipling spoke of.