11 August, 2017

Lindercast Radio Broadcast

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Alex Linder on the radio: [Audio].

  • 3 Responses to “Lindercast Radio Broadcast”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Hmmmm .
      I will be the first to dare and comment on ye new Lindercast
      Refreshing and somewhat depressing. The awful truth usually is
      though. Sorry to hear Salt Lake City has hit the 3rd world skids.
      And is now “Overflowing with Diversity”?
      Shame . All our Once Great White Cities are suffering from a disease
      Called Diversity and its Original Cause is Jews and the 1965
      Immigration Act.
      Thank you Ted Traitor Kennedy And Jewboy Cellar.

      May you both Burn in a Nazi-Approved Hell Forever.

      I always thought it Was a clean mostly White City. Mormons are a
      little weird and unwelcoming, but it was the last decent place to rest and
      Eat before heading out into the trackless hideous desert east of there.

      Now its Getting like that in Denver.
      Used to be majority White, now it’s majority Mexican.
      The high school i went to is now mostly mexican.
      Already had a Gang shooting in the parking lot.
      Theyre shipping Somali niggers into Greeley and gooks
      Have their own strip on federal blvd. In Denver.
      Aurora is full of niggers except the nice parts and human trash
      Bums Drugs and mentally ill people swarm downtown and for quite
      aways on east and west Colfax ave.

      As far as the internet its been great for blowing away the Jews
      Stranglehold on the narratives. Way too many too many have been woke up
      now to turn back .
      Bad part is Jews will never let us go free of their Tyranny and Control
      without a bloody fight.
      The parasite will fight to the Death to keep sucking our lifeblood.
      The only way to remove the Strangling Hand of Zionist Jewry
      Is to end their money and media control and they will fight like a
      Drowning Nigger trying to get into your already overloaded canoe
      To prevent Whitey his own place where they can’t Vampire us.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Ooops ?
      The desert is WEST OF SALT LAKE!
      Nice broadcasting Alex about the right length of time.
      We have something in common as i utterly despise Fakebook
      And cant stand ZioJewBoy Zuckerberg.
      Will maybe check Gabb if thats what its called.
      We need platforms without JewFilters.
      Good job !
      Official “Atta boy”!
      And Congrats on launching your podcast.

      Alex Linder and the Aryan InfoWar!?!

    3. J├╝rgen Says:

      Yes! Alex is back.

      Can’t wait to listen later on today….