21 August, 2017

Lindercast Radio, Number 0002

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Alex Linder on the radio: [Audio].

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    1. The Red Skull Says:


      Will take The Honor of being first to comment.

      I give you a Mr Burns style “Eeggggssellent”!

      Something that should be listened to as a podcast But!
      Also read from a transcript to a group of learners and even
      Old Skools like myself will find something to Enjoy and learn from here.

      Question For Obergruppenfuhrer Linder……. Can we get transcripts?
      If so how much. ?

      No Rules for the Left
      No Room for the Right

      Sums up where we are at
      in the political discourse.

    2. Jürgen Says:

      Way to go A-l-e-x!

    3. Aryan_Pride Says:

      Alex, welcome back. We have many parallels with regards to the media recently. I’m a long way from home helping family in southern CA. I have limited internet (thank goodness), but have had the pleasure to listen to and read real news way more in the past few weeks than I have for years. I can’t believe how skewed my outlook on everything has previously been now that CNN, FOX, NPR, and of course the local toilet paper Union-Tribune have enlightened me. This is what a born again Christian must feel like–(sheeple: baaahhhhh!) Enjoyed many of your podcast comments-thanks.

    4. Jürgen Says:

      I agree with Alex:

      We are “White Nationalists” pure and simple.

      No need for any other name.

      We know what we want: a WHITE NATION.

    5. John Smithwick Says:

      Great talk.

      Thanks for pointing out gab:


      And using Tor Browser.

    6. John Smithwick Says:

      I’m just listening to one of your “The Pure Meat! Pure Gold!” podcasts from 3 years ago – and it is gold:


      Cerebral, states things for what they are, … thank you. It’s a blessing that SF went offline so we can discover this island of sanity.