29 August, 2017

Video: What Really Happened in Charlottesville, Virginia on 8/12/17, and, the Ongoing Genocide of White People Around the World

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This young woman uses the word “betrayed” in the video. That’s right. Whites were betrayed at Charlottesville. The Alt-Right/nationalist rally was declared an unlawful assembly by city officials – never mind the fact that the attendees had a permit to assemble. Trivia: the mayor of the city of Charlottesville is a Jew, Mike Signer. I can’t wait for Whites to file federal lawsuits over this rally (the Whites were denied their constitutional rights); granted, the lawsuits may not succeed.

[Video]. Her written narrative is [Here].

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    1. Luke Says:

      I am a little perplexed by the number of pro-White spokespeople who appear to be ignoring the background of Jason Kessler and who seem to be clinging to the notion that this guy is legitimately a member of Team White.

      He is a two time Obama voter. He has close ties to the left-wing Occupy Wall Street movement. He apparently also has ties with CNN and I’ve read that he has been employed by them in the past. I just do not believe that a guy with his left wing ideological history and background just wakes up one day and decides he is suddenly a pro-White, pro-Southern Heritage, pro-Alt Right heavy hitter. Liberals never admit they are wrong about anything.

      One other point I would like to make – is related to that Federal Judge who overruled the attempt by the jew mayor of Charlottesville to refuse to honor the legally obtained rally permit. At this point, I think most of the people in our movement agree on the conclusion that the left had set a trap for us in Charlottesville – a trap that Kessler helped lure us into.

      Thus, it occurs to me that the Federal Judge who issued the ruling that said the rally could proceed could have very well been part of the set up.
      In other words, he had colluded with Charlottesville and McAuliffe and played his assigned role.