22 September, 2017

Remake the West So That Followers Can Become “Leaders”? Bad Idea

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How did women rise to leadership positions in the West? Was it due to their intelligence and skills? No, it was due to special rules, regulations, mandates and lawsuits. For example, if your company employs over 15 people, it must hire “X” number of women. That’s right. It must. It’s federal law; it must also promote women into higher management positions, or face severe consequences. So much for the merit system! So much for “equality”!

Basically, the West is being remade to accommodate women and move them up “the ladder of success.” You see, women are the new men – short males with tits.

But a woman’s brain is not “hard-wired” for leadership. And then there’s the intelligence issue. Intelligence is, more than anything else, the ability to reason and to recognize and solve problems. Women can usually do the second thing, but hardly ever the first and third things. “Calling up a man for help” does not equal “solving a problem yourself” [1]. As for reasoning, it’s hard to reason when all of your thoughts hinge on emotion. A woman’s brain is hard-wired in such a way that she must bring her emotions into any decision she makes [2].

Men, not women, must rule the Western countries. Women aren’t built for leadership. Trying to “make women into men” is a recipe for disaster (but then, that’s the goal of feminism: to ruin the West). Muslims may be savages, but they know the differences between men and women.


[1] women have a natural verbal superiority over men (a “gift of gab”), making them seem smarter than they actually are

[2] see the 1989 book “Brain Sex”

  • 4 Responses to “Remake the West So That Followers Can Become “Leaders”? Bad Idea”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      You Guys Love putting Land Mines in here!
      Just waiting for a man-pig like me to step my
      Foot on it .
      Im forced to agree with the intro. Growing up
      My heroes are all males . Now in this mixed up
      World boys are encouraged to have female “role
      Models” .
      Males need role models they can respect and
      Admire. This PC Society has reversed or twisted
      This normal pattern.
      The result is a mass of pussified Beta Males
      Who wont fight for their women or principles.
      If they have any.

    2. CM Says:

      Fully agree, women can’t, and shouldn’t try to be leaders. They’re not as capable as men are. There are a few of us left that acknowledge and understand this.

    3. J├╝rgen Says:


      …not just the swamp.

      The sinister, kniving hebe is behind this entire perversion
      of the sexes. His purpose? To bring down what he fears
      most: THE WHITE MALE.

    4. spahnranch1969 Says:

      Can you think of any great female orchestral conductors or generals? What about notable female scientists or philosophers? I don’t want to denigrate women but they have their naturally ordained place in society, and that place is not in any position of leadership*.

      *a few exceptions would include Catherine the Great and Boudicca.