11 September, 2017

The Joy of Easy Credit

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White Woman: “Let me see if I understand this: I need a good credit score so that I can buy expensive stuff and go into debt so that my credit score will go way down and I won’t be able to buy on credit anymore? Is that right?”

Jewish banker: “That’s the nugget of it! Remember my motto: Why Wait ‘Til Next Week When You Can Buy It Right Now?”


  • 2 Responses to “The Joy of Easy Credit”

    1. fd Says:

      International Monetary System: heavy taxes, heavy interest, heavy debt.

      Oy vey! If you don’t pay off the loan, we don’t care. The banks will slide into receivership and the income tax slaves will foot the bill. You will crawl in silence to keep Wall Street in service.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Debt Slavery is one of big Jews weapons to enslave the “goyim”.
      Wonder what they’ll do when we repudiate their fake 20 Trillion
      Dollar debt. ?
      Have China invade US to “Collect”?
      We have to restructure our entire banking industry on Aryan Principles.
      Audit and end The Fed Reserve “bank” of Jewish Money Power.
      Declare AIPAC —–American Israeli Political Action Committee- —
      The Jew Lobby for those who Don’t know who they are—-
      A Foreign Lobby Interest who have to register as AGENTS OF A
      FOREIGN GOVERNMENT——-Israel ——-which is really what they are.