30 December, 2017

Democracy: Just One Step Away from Tyranny

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America was founded as a White republic. It became a multicultural democracy.

In a democracy, there is no legal restraint. The “mob mentality” (the mob of emotional, me-first, child-like people who feel, but don’t think) rules, regardless of what the constitution says. It’s “the rule of law” vs. “mob rule.” Consider this: Gun control, and the USA PATRIOT ACT, happened in America-the-democracy (despite the 2nd and 4th Amendments), but they could not have happened in America-the-republic. See the difference? “Constitutional guarantees” vs. “anything goes.”

White people must demand the return to America-the-republic. Will that “cure” what ails America? No, but it will help somewhat.

  • One Response to “Democracy: Just One Step Away from Tyranny”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      I sure agree with that premise.!
      However .
      We cannot get there unless the Jew money power
      Is disabled somehow.