13 January, 2018

Our Anti-American Leaders in Congress vs. Donald Trump

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Senator Lindsey Graham has said that America is not race-based. He said that America is only an “idea” and nothing more. That’s total baloney. Newbies, America was founded in 1776 by 118 White men [1]. America is not an “idea.” America is a White republic. Who needs enemies when you have “friends” like Sen. Graham? Whose side is Graham on? Certainly, he is not on the side of normal Americans, who are fed up with Black and Brown crime and corruption. By the way, Graham has long been rumored to be a swish (i.e., a homosexual).

One more thing: if diversity is a “strength,” then America must have been a weak country in 1950. But of course America wasn’t a weak country in 1950. America was a cohesive, productive, drug-free and crime-free nation in 1950.


[1] 118 White men created the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution. Ben Franklin called America a “republic”

  • 3 Responses to “Our Anti-American Leaders in Congress vs. Donald Trump”

    1. fd Says:

      Old lamps for new — Trading monarchial tyranny for federal tyranny.

      The Federal principle was the ruination of statehood. “It replaced the loose confederation of sovereign states with a strong federal government whose power the patriots fought to overthrow.”

      Anti-federalist Patrick said: “Who authorized them to speak the language of “We the People.” The people gave them no power to use their name. That they exceeded their power is perfectly clear.”

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      They forgot to ad one important word in the Declaration of Independence.
      America will stand or fall if its White Majority becomes a minority.
      Which thanks to Terrible Ted Kennedy and the 1965 Treason Act.
      Its now less than 70% White.
      Half of them are self hating brainwashed Democrats too.
      That leaves us 35% of our people left to work with.
      Can we Do It?

    3. George Rudman Says:

      I hate that kike loving Israeli stooge Lindsey Graham.
      You’d think he was elected to the Kesnett. How can they elect a guy
      who votes Israel on bills that are not beneficial to the US.