17 February, 2018

Madison Avenue (read: New York Jews) is Using TV to Brainwash White America Into Accepting Negroes as Lovers/Mates

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“Underlying the billions of dollars spent to make this propaganda a reality there is the assumption that there is something wrong, even psychologically diseased, about a White man and a White woman marrying and having White children. Since the Black nuclear family, however, is nearly extinct with 70 percent of Black children raised in single-parent homes, this marketing campaign is not directed at Blacks.


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  7. 2 Responses to “Madison Avenue (read: New York Jews) is Using TV to Brainwash White America Into Accepting Negroes as Lovers/Mates”

    1. Adroit Says:

      Geez, they’ve only been at this for a few decades. They’re just ramping it up.

    2. Maynard Says:

      They are running an ad now that features a black woman and a white man. The black woman is all excited because her pregnancy test has come up positive. The ad is for the test. If you watch the ad, please be careful as it may induce vomiting! The jews are not subtle anymore!