8 February, 2018

“Progressives” and Their Bias Against Normal People

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“According to the equalitarian model, progressives are dedicated egalitarians.”

The “progressive” or liberal ideology is doomed from the beginning because humans are not, and can never be, equal. We live in an unequal world. Liberals are adult children. To allow liberals to control any part of the West is absolutely dangerous. Liberals should be jailed in order to keep White society safe.


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  7. One Response to ““Progressives” and Their Bias Against Normal People”

    1. Kurt Frohling Says:

      If you live in a society that is decadent enough to pretend it can operate contrary to reality, then you will eventually find a society populated by vapid, pointless, suicidal people. Fear and paranoia will reign. The end result of the endless witch-hunt I call Progressive Modernity is an echo chamber. It is like a lonely, neurotic dog barking in an empty room.