29 March, 2018

Women in the Workforce: an Unnatural Idea

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Younger readers, consider this fact: for centuries, the most important thing in a woman’s life was caring for her family (i.e., her husband and her children). Her family was the center of her universe. But today? Very often, a woman’s “career” comes first, above all else. Day-to-day, she’ll spend more time with work-related tasks than she will with family-related tasks. That’s a scary thought.

Ask a geneticist – if you can find one who isn’t PC – and he’ll tell you that men and women are not just different, but fundamentally different from birth. For example, a woman’s way of solving problems is much different than a man’s. In fact, a woman’s thought process differs greatly from a man’s [1]. Yet today, women demand to be treated as if they are “the same” as men in every way. This is a profound and deadly mistake. Our race can’t continue if women are treated as being the same as men.

Women are great in their natural roles. Not just great, but vital, since men can’t fill the roles of women. Men can’t birth children and raise them in the same way that women can. When I refer to women’s “roles,” here’s what I mean: like a woman, an auto mechanic is great in his role or element. Just as an electrician is great in his element. But take an auto mechanic out of his garage and ask him to prepare a gourmet, 6-course meal for a dozen people, and he will fail. Because he will be out of his element. He isn’t a gourmet chef, he’s an auto mechanic; he shouldn’t even attempt it. That’s not his role. Neither should a pop singer try to diagnose an illness, nor should an electrician try to fix a plumbing problem.

Thanks to feminism, women are out of their natural element. For centuries, they were wives, mothers, nurturers and homemakers. Now they are gone from the home all day, ignoring their families in order to have meaningless “careers” as accountants and store managers. Even worse, they’re trying to be cops, firefighters and soldiers, with predictably horrible results (those horrible results are usually hidden from the public, so that few people know how bad women are failing at pretending-to-be-men; many vocational standards have been lowered, so that women appear to be performing well at, say, firefighting, when in fact they’re performing poorly [2]).

The feminists have convinced women that having a career is a good substitute for having kids and a family. But it isn’t. Western civilization cannot continue without families and homemakers. Women have wombs and breasts for a reason.

Let’s take a page from the past and encourage our women to be women once more, and not just short men with tits.


[1] men tend to compartmentalize when they think, while women use their whole brains, including the parts that control emotion, which can and often does cause all sorts of trouble

[2] for example, in the 1970s, police departments had standard height and weight requirements for all police officers. But women couldn’t meet those requirements, so the requirements were abolished (these days, I’ve seen female cops who stand 5’0″ and weigh 100 lbs., which is totally ridiculous). Also, fire departments and the military abolished some physical requirements because women could not meet them. In other words, rules were “bent” to accommodate women; they didn’t succeed on their merits. Furthermore, when women begin their careers, they often file lawsuits against their employers for reasons such as “sexual harassment,” “gender discrimination” or “lack of proper accommodations for women” — so much for women being the same as men

  • 3 Responses to “Women in the Workforce: an Unnatural Idea”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:

      Feminism is one of the key viruses
      used by jewish cultural marxists to
      emasculate a White Nation.

    2. Joe Says:

      As usual, the jews are to blame for all of this. They are the ones who introduced the toxic feminist agenda to our women in the 1960s. I know women who make no money, but stay at home raising their children. There is a light which shines in their faces. I also know women who are careered “cat ladies” with barren wombs. Their personas are bitter and unfulfilled.
      Everything the jew pushes is unnatural… perverted… and detrimental to whites. After all, their goal is our destruction – and they’re undeniably succeeding. When Mother Nature finally reclaims the helm, the pogroms will be sweet revenge.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      Excuse me while i tip toe through the minefield
      Of Overbearing ManPiggery but i agree with the
      Premise of the Intro Paragraphs!

      Proving that Great Minds Do Think Alike
      As i
      The Red Skull
      Have been thinking along just The Same Lines
      As the Daring Brilliant AND DEDICATED CREW
      At VNN!!
      Mere Cosmic Co ink a dink you say ?
      Nay nay sayeth
      The Red Skull!!
      The Big 64,000$ Question is
      HOW DO WE
      Present First this view. (see above introduction) ??

      Get mostly feminist college ed commies
      To accept it? ??
      They gotta be raised early in Our Belief’s! !
      The Kike State will fight us and Corrupt
      And poison them against their Own People
      All the Way .