26 June, 2018

“The White Racial Movement and Gays”

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by Robert S. Griffin, Ph.D.


“The basic point: I don’t see the (White) movement entertaining and incorporating gay perspectives or inviting gay involvement in its efforts, and I think it would be good if it did.”

First of all, why is Dr. Griffin using the word “gay”? “Gay” means “happy.” The correct word is “homosexual” (or “queer”). Anyway, I strongly disagree with Griffin. The brains of homosexuals are “wired” differently, i.e., they think differently. They also make up a tiny minority in the West. We nationalists don’t need the troubles that would come from “homosexual hang-ups.”


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    1. Antagonistes Says:

      I never have heard that Brahms was homosexual. I think some people think that a person who is romantic but does not care for physical sex must be homosexual, but this is unfair and cruel.

      Michelangelo and Leonardo? I don’t know.

      I think that a strong hetero society restrains gays and gives them limits, much like it does, or used to do, for women.

      But let us not make the mistake that all artists are gay, or lean toward being gay. I am an artist, and I seem to be a gay-magnet. Since I am secure in my hetero identity, it amuses me.

      Some gays are good artists, some are not. Some believe in European man, some do not.

      In general, I believe in the assessment of Albert Ellis (whom I think was jewish) that gays are the most conforming of people, and lack a core of tough individuality.

    2. fd Says:

      Over 90% of murder in prison is homosexual related. Information lifted from David Allan Coe’s book EX-Convict. Social science doctors who live in their Ivory Towers couldn’t explain that away in 10 thousand years.

    3. fd Says:

      “What’s in a name.” Homosexual, gay, whatever.

      It reminds of all the names for marijuana back in the day. Ol’ marijane had 2 scary names in the late ’60s: Nam Weed and Black Grass. It’s all the same plant.

      Medical marijuana — wtf. The ol’ nonconformists would have a feel day with that one.

    4. Luke Says:

      Griffin is getting BTFO’d without any vaseline in the comment section. Here is the best analysis and the one that threaded the needle the best:

      Bill R says:
      June 26, 2018 at 11:38 pm

      Absolutely no good whatsoever can come from society — but especially any white enthnostate we hope to someday have — legitimizing, let alone normalizing, any form of sexual deviance. This becomes even more true and critical when one realizes that the reason we’re discussing this in the first place is because homosexuals are far beyond being merely interested in their private erotic pursuits. They are constantly agitating for social, cultural, and political changes that favor their deviant lifestyle.

      Furthermore, like Jews, no amount of social change in their favor is ever enough. And just as Jews desire the presence of ever more and more racial minorities because they see this as adding more layers of protection and reassurance for themselves as a racial minority, so homosexuals desire the normalization of ever more and more sexual deviancy. Ergo, same-sex marriages become legal throughout the land and all of a sudden we’re talking about transsexuals, allowing people into the public restrooms of the opposite sex, and legalized child abuse in the form of everything from education about how “normal” and “natural” these sicknesses are, to compulsory puberty blocking drugs in a dangerous attempt at humoring the delusion of an emotionally disturbed youngster.

      Homosexuality is a mental illness, period. The erotic orientation characteristic of this mental illness, and its obsessive nature, is only one symptom. The categorization of homosexuality as a mental illness was once recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, and was removed, not in light of any new scientific evidence, but only after a sustained campaign of threatening and intimidating political militancy. Can one imagine any other category of the mentally ill mounting a similar campaign, let alone a successful one? The homosexual simply cannot be trusted not to intrude his mental illness into any significant endeavor in which he is involved. A good look into what the actual reality of these disturbed individuals is like can be found in Charles Socarides’ book A Freedom Too Far.

      One can debate the degree to which society should (or should not) attempt to restrain these people in their private erotic pursuits. But the public display or advertising of homosexuality in any form, let alone its public celebration or attempts at recruitment, should never be tolerated.

      As Andrew Joyce concluded in his Occidental Quarterly article, “The Assault on Gender and the Family,” which dealt directly with this very topic, “I advise against the involvement of sexual inverts in the movement… In this movement we are concerned with racial, biological, and demographic fitness, and key to this is the preservation of traditional norms regarding marriage and relationships between the sexes. There must be no distraction from this focus, and no concession on any ground… In this age of promiscuity, hedonism, abortion, and impending demographic oblivion, our future depends on it.”

      I had an equally good comment, but it contained hyperlinks to other websites (brietbart, the forward, etc.) and for some weird reason – whatever software Kmacd is using on his new website redesign – I kept getting ‘Forbidden’ error messages and was unable to post that comment.

      Same thing when I tried to post the comment here.

    5. Socrates Says:

      I just finished reading the comments under that article at The Occidental Observer. Most readers hated the article and had some choice words for Mr. Griffin.

      As a general observation, I have noticed that, the higher the college degree that you have (e.g., Masters degree, Ph.D.), the more tolerant you are towards “the Other.” In other words, the more intellectual you are, the more you tolerate “different things.” (This did not apply to Dr. Pierce, obviously). Food for thought.

    6. Luke Says:

      “As a general observation, I have noticed that, the higher the college degree that you have (e.g., Masters degree, Ph.D.), the more tolerant you are towards “the Other.” In other words, the more intellectual you are, the more you tolerate.”

      I am amazed that you just exposed the reason for being more ‘tolerant’ of depravity and degeneracy – but failed miserably in your final conclusion.

      Ever since the 1960s – our college campuses, curriculums, and academia in general, have been infiltrated and taken over by the Frankfurt School Cultural Marxists – who’s stated goal has been to undermine, subvert and eventually destroy White Western Civilization.

      Christian morality is a key component that has helped to stabilize and place healthy restrictions on human moral behavior – so, this was why the Cultural Marxists also had to infiltrate and gain dominant influence within the Christian and Catholic Churches.

      Thus, the reason why those who spend tremendous amounts of their time and financial resources to spend years of their lives on college campuses are more ‘tolerant’ of degeneracy and depravity is because they’ve been subjected to the greatest amount of concentrated Cultural Marxist brainwashing.

      These nitwits aren’t more ‘intellectual’, they are less so. If they were really intellectual geniuses – wouldn’t they be perceptive enough to realize when their Marxist professors were feeding them morally and racially destructive and suicidal bullshit?

    7. fd Says:

      Universities and high schools in the 1960s South (the 2d Reconstruction) illustrated fearful resistance against compulsory education and forced amalgamation. Federal forces occupied the soil of campuses that most attracted their attention.

      So the professors and doctors are backed by the leviathan Federal army. The enemy is on the Potomac.

    8. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      It always amazes me how these gay friendly “historians” are so sure that various figures from the past were homosexual. It’s as if they have a time machine and went back to have anal sex with every one of them. Only then, could they be completely sure.