25 July, 2018

Slogans/Mottos/Memes About Jews

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“The greatest trick the Jew ever pulled was convincing the world he was human.”


“The greatest trick the Jew ever pulled was convincing the world he was White.”

Each one is true in its own way. Jews aren’t human as long as they insist that gentiles are animals who were put on earth to be used by the Jews. That’s not a human idea. And by posing as White people, Jews have gotten a free pass in the Western world. They’re able to move unnoticed among White people.

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    1. Antagonistes Says:

      The greatest trick the Jew ever pulled is getting evangelical Christians to say, “But my Lord was a Jew!”

      If the Bible is to be believed, Jesus was at most half-Jew, and half-Divine. God does not have Jewish genetics, so how could Jesus have been Jewish? His mother was not even fully Jewish.

      So why don’t evangelicals say, “But my Lord was half-divine!”

      However, I think that the fact that Jesus was renowned from coming from “Gallilee of the Gentiles” is significant.

    2. Luke Says:

      I believe it was George Lincoln Rockwell who once observed that the greatest trick the jew has ever pulled was to brainwash so many millions of Whites to hate themselves.

      When you think about it, if that one evil deed could have somehow been prevented – or could somehow be erased – Whites today would not be facing the existential crisis we are now trying to figure out how to deal with.

      This brainwashing has been so amazingly successful, that some of my most heated arguments with other Whites have been over whether or not our racial survival should be preferable to our racial extinction. Also, in some of these arguments – once I’ve laid out sufficient facts and provided sufficient evidence to prove the existence of the threat we face – I’ve had a few White people grudgingly concede my point, but when I suggest that maybe Whites need to get off their asses and take steps to help secure their future survival, these suggestions usually result in out pourings of White guilt and a repetition of the enemy’s brainwashing that any such actions would be ‘racist’ and therefore, their answer is to continue doing nothing.