22 July, 2018

The Art of Raising Children to Revere Their Race and Culture

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Don’t let your kids be brainwashed with Cultural Marxism. Turn off the TV. Homeschool your kids and don’t let them associate with negroes. Make sure that your kids grow up right.

“People interested in the revival of Western Culture usually focus on the various political and cultural aspects of the problem, which are certainly vital and worthy. A different focus, one that White activists almost always overlook, consists of the actual material, the sine qua non, of the future: children. There are two basic problems connected with the biological perpetuation of the race and culture. The first is, how to motivate and enable men and women to form stable marriages and have children, and the second is, how to raise the children to become mature adults who will perpetuate the White race and Western Culture.”


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    1. fd Says:

      The backward author is full of it! He promotes spanking children. Hitting defenseless kids teaches them that you solve problems with violence — it teaches them to hate. Beat the skin. That’s ridiculous.

      The hard case authoritarian sends his kids to a private Catholic school — wtf. The preacher man says, we don’t listen to rock and roll. He isn’t aware that rock and roll is a spin off of country folk music in the South.

      The poorly educated author blames the 1960s for what youth experience today. Race mixing in the 1960s was nil. So low, it was never a topic of conversation. The divorce rate in the ’60s was lower than anything today.

      The prissy, feminine writer should be preparing his kids for a possible rebellion. It’s about food, clothes and shelter, not the plastic world of politics.

      The so-called social revolution of the ’60s was about criminal establishment, criminal government and institutional violence. The people had the courage of their conviction. The Southern Belle that hit a federal agent in the head with a brick at Ole Miss wasn’t afraid. The race fighters of the 1960s South fought against everything people complain about today. They contended for White Separation and to escape Federal tyranny.

      Preacher man talkin on the TV, puttin down the rock n roll
      Wants me to send a donation, cause he’s worried about my soul
      –Charlie Daniels Band

    2. Socrates Says:

      I’ll say one thing about that article: Christianity is no good for Whites. It’s an egalitarian religion that preaches human equality. I rejected Christianity in about 1990 and never looked back. Dr. William Pierce showed me the way.

    3. Socrates Says:

      Spanking? I’m all for it. I was spanked many times. Did me good.

    4. fd Says:

      Please hit me again. I suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

    5. J├╝rgen Says:

      All 3 of the sick religions of the Middle East,
      christianity, judaism and mohammedism,
      have no place in a White culture anywhere.

    6. Stronza Says:

      The author of that article, Nemmersdorf, is mightily deluded. He appears to believe that children are born a blank slate, and all that the parents have to do is teach their children such ‘n’ such, and then they’ll turn out correctly. What balderdash. The reality is that we all have an inborn temperament, character and personality. If you teach your children all the right stuff (using whatever method you wish), it is the inborn trait of the child to decide whether he accepts the training or rejects it for the rest of his life.

      Spanking is counterproductive. It produces people who consciously forget the pain and humiliation of the spanking and then spend the rest of their lives in an inchoate rage; the soul remembers. It will all come out one fine day.

      How the author can send his kids to any school, but especially to a Christian religious one, escapes me. They have to teach the same curriculum as public schools, not to mention that the churches are the biggest promoters and supporters of mass immigration.