19 August, 2018

Women: a Different Kind of Smart, Plus, an Online Book

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Seen: two White women talking to each other on a TV talk show. They seemed very smart judging only by their conversation. In fact, they seemed like they could possibly design rocket engines. Of course, they couldn’t.

Newbies, this is a great time to school you on something that isn’t talked about much. Men and women have different types of intelligence. Women are geared heavily towards verbal communication. Men, on the other hand, are better at, for example, fixing a leaking faucet without needing an instruction book.

I once said that “women seem smarter than they really are” and while there is some truth to that statement, I should have said “men and women have different types of intelligence.” That’s more accurate.

Anyway, due to the female brain being “hard-wired” differently than the male brain, women should not be put into leadership positions in the Western countries. Women should assume their traditional, historic roles.

Here’s an online book about the differences between men and women.

Dr. William Pierce on the feminization of America.

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    1. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      What you have said is completely correct, and is in line with what the Radical Traditionalists and the Perennial Philosophers have always said.

      Men hunt (or build, or plow, or sculpt), with laser focus, don’t have time for chit-chat, and are focused on getting the job done.

      Women talk about hunting, think a successful hunt (or shopping trip) is one is which there is a lot of superficial emoting and talking, and are focused on the process, not the result.

      Of course this is an extreme generalization, and there is considerable overlap each way. And what is considered feminine is not necessarily bad if done by a man in his own way, and vice-versa.

      But as to the feminizationn of our society—it is done. Men today cannot even do any meaningful work out in the hot sun, much less go on a hunting trip.

      And hunting trips today are even feminized: I will never forget the outrage and the anger I felt when I was at the airport in Juneau, Alaska. There was a stuffed polar bear on display. A dentist had shot it with a high-powered rifle from a helicopter. No doubt the helicopter was heated, and had a sound-system.

      I should have destroyed that blasphemous display.

      But I must admit that I am vegetarian, and do not hunt (but many activities can be substituted for hunting, in my example). Many men consider that feminine, and think that somehow I am supposed to tremble before them, even though they are not sure why, or how.

      I politely remind them, with a look of steel, of a certain group of martial artists in southeast Asia that were vegetarian, and took on all comers . . . and I will be happy to do the same. They all get the same evasive, dopey look, and change the subject.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Holy One, thankyou for your quick response.

      Apparently I was reading this article the same time as you were. The “brain-sex” article put me squarely out of the all-male camp, because I have some, SOME, of the characteristics identified in that article as “female.”

      I was glad to see that, in your response, you said that there can be considerable overlap.

      Thankyou for your wisdom, and your enlightened teachings.

    3. fd Says:

      In the natural world, sex is simple biology. Male and female are hard wired in the direction nature intended. Women who stay home and manage the kids and household are generally healthier than those who work outside the home.

      Prejudice and passion exist in both sexes. Female emotion will motivate a good man to escape the environment.

      I don’t believe good women are inferior. Great contribution on their part.

    4. Pierre Says:

      Great Norwegian documentary debunks the fake gender scientists:
      Hjernevask – Brainwashing (Eng Sub) Part 1 – The Gender Equality Paradox

    5. My Butt is Tired Says:

      I haven’t visited here in a long time, despite your generally brilliant writing.
      You’re wasting everybody’s time.

      You remind me so much of another epically talented person I know who is destined for oblivion because he gets himself jimmyjamed and janked up fighting every battle that comes along, no matter how ill conceived.

      We are guerrillas. We can’t be the noisy little guy at the end of the bar who is going to stomp EVERYBODY’S ass. I’m not being a white knight in saying that women can be sophisticated enough to run circles about men, because they’ve had to evolve that way to deal against men’s brute force approach. Men have their uses. Women have their uses.

      Are you right? Doesn’t matter. That would only make you dead right, in fighting on a front that you cannot win. And pardon my caps but THE JEWS ARE GRABBING THEIR DICKS IN ECSTASY SEEING WHITE MEN ATTACKING THEIR OWN WOMEN. IT JUST DOESN’T GET ANY MORE MGTOW JEWY THAN THAT.

      I’d like to wish you well, but you’re cutting everybody’s throat by wasting time that we don’t have, especially when you ignore economic self-defense which is the only means of defense against an enemy that has 4,000 years of experience in economic warfare.

      In two decades you’ve made ZERO progress. A tree has been planted for you in Jerusalem.

    6. Truth_at_last Says:


      Wrong. White women are attacking white men because they have been taught to be unfeminine and anti-male by their Jewish programmers. Jews created the “women’s lib” movement.

      White men are simply trying to restore normality.