19 September, 2018

A Book About Derek Black

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Years ago, I had a high-school basketball coach who told me: “you must completely understand and master the fundamentals of the game, from the very beginning: how to hold the ball, where to place your feet when you jump, etc. If you don’t understand and master the fundamentals, you’ll never be a good player.” He was, of course, right. With that in mind:

This tale about Derek Black seems odd to me. If a person really knows and really understands White Nationalist philosophy and Western philosophy, such ideological “turning” or “flipping” (by a White man) would not happen. What I mean is, “hearing the WN words” is not at all the same thing as “understanding the WN words.” If you have kids, you need to make sure that they totally and completely understand what Western culture is and why it is superior to all other cultures. In fact, ask your kids basic questions from time to time, such as: “What is White Nationalism?” “What is Western culture, and why is it better than other cultures?” “What is a Jew?” and so on and so forth. Make sure that they clearly understand the fundamentals of WN from the very beginning. (Ironically, a good book for learning about WN was written by Black’s godfather, David Duke. It’s called “My Awakening.” I keep waiting for Alex to write a book; maybe he’ll write one now that he’s more able to).


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    1. fd Says:

      Dr. Pierce said he chose to write fiction because everything has been said about racism in books.

      Modern racism is all about essays of the same old subject. No novelty. Very few people write with integrity. It’s popular to write hyper-aggressive essays filled with hard language laced with neology in the vain hope it will impress the reader. The new reader may be repulsed and not return to the website.

    2. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      The trouble with saying that western culture is superior is this: Which western culture are you talking about? The western culture before the machine age was quite different than the western culture after the machine age.

      I would not say that western culture is superior to other cultures, nor has it ever been, but it is our own. We might like it better, but that is not objective superiority. Read “A World Lit Only by Fire” by William Manchester for a view of medieval Europe—people would walk twenty miles for the joy of taunting a person who was about to be burned alive at the stake.

      Middle-eastern and eastern people are naturally much cleaner and modest than western man. This has been observed throughout history. Even today, in Europe, white people will urinate in the open on trees, walls, bushes, etc. This not only results in obnoxious odors, but it shows a lack of concern for public health and aesthetics.

      Many white people are sexually profligate. They are ruining their chances for family success with their unbridled and unthinking pleasure-seeking. They enter their lonely middle-life with a room full of sterile toys.

      Other races also stick together much better than white people do, when it comes to that.

      We must be open and honest about the shortcomings of our own people, and not blame Jews or Moslems. White people are really not much different from the despised Negro; perhaps we are a bit better with planning and allowing for future possibilities.

      We are different; our culture is different; it is ours.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Holy One, I think that white people are arrogant. They think they are so beautiful, so wonderful. This is why they try to be so compassionate and liberal—it is all about them, how wonderful they are.

      Like you said, we are not wonderful; we are just different. I have met so many white assholes . . . they would not know the real world if it bit off their pecker.

      Well said by you. It is like someone marrying a woman or having a child—she might not be the choice that I would make nine times out of ten, but that is the choice I made; she is mine; I am standing by her. She is THE choice because I say so! So it is with western culture—it comes from us, it is ours.

      It is the best for us because we say so!

    4. Luke Says:

      This is a little off-topic, but I have been wondering if the Mollie Tippett’s SJW girl was raped by the mestizo who killed her.

      The media seems to be avoiding this topic. But, I have read where the mestizo was pursuing her and she told him to kiss off several times – and it is assumed that he got angry over her rejecting him and that was what motivated him to kill her. I also read something about the Tippetts girl, after she had told him to leave her alone multiple times, she threatened to call the authorities on him and report him as being an illegal alien.

      Knowing the general IQ levels of mestizos, it would be very surprising to find out that he didn’t rape her, since he clearly intended to kill her anyway.

      Does anyone have an information on this to share?

    5. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Many people in the White Nationalist movement have a rather mechanical mind-set which excludes warmth and genuine love for their own children.

      I do not know if Derek Black’s parents were like this, but I have seen it in others.

      In my travels in Europe, I have found the Germans to be the warmest and most genuine people. The French are the coldest and the most spiteful. One would think, with current propaganda, that the left-leaning French would have the most love and understanding, but this is not so. Even their educational system is extremely oppressive and discourages independent and creative thought. Those who cannot keep up are severely ridiculed and humiliated by their own comrades.

      When one is expected to conform to doctrinaire thought, several vital human emotions can suffer, and the person can become “mechanized.” Later in life he will rebel against this.

      We must learn from the Germans. They love children, love nature, and care for each other. They love the Fatherland intensely, but they have been conditioned to keep this hidden. German parents know that their children sometimes do irrational things, but they are still there for them.

    6. fd Says:

      The Germans don’t have their own government. The capital city state of Berlin does exactly what the Federals and Jews tell them to do. After years of heavy Federal occupation, the numbers have lost their meaning. German states are called Federal states — that’s creepy. Germany isn’t the only conquered province, but it’s the most restricted. The psychological damage is open-ended.