29 November, 2018


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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Anyway, very roughly that’s the system we’ve had for the last 210 years or so. During that time America has grown and prospered enormously, and many people believe that it’s because of our system of government. They believe that if we had had some other system of government — monarchy, say, or a dictatorship — we wouldn’t have become so rich and powerful. Other people like to equate our system of government with freedom. If we didn’t have democracy we wouldn’t be free, they believe. In fact, the belief in the efficacy of democracy as a guarantor of wealth and freedom has become a religion in the United States. Politicians and preachers alike fear to question it. It is assumed not only to be the best possible system of government, but the only conceivable form of government for decent folk. No one in public life is permitted to doubt that dogma. The United States has gone to war and slaughtered millions of people in order to impose this religion on them. We have bombed our European cultural treasures into ruins and rained fire and high explosives from the sky onto White women and children [1] in order to “make the world safe for democracy,” and we’ve done all of this with the same sort of self-righteousness and intolerant zeal with which we used to burn heretics 500 years ago — except that we’ve butchered a lot more White people for the sake of democracy than we ever did for the sake of Jesus or some particular brand of Christianity.”


[1] most recently in Serbia in 1999

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