4 March, 2019

China Today: Why is it a Problem for America?

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(Above: “Sandy” Berger)

Who made China (a communist country, remember?) into a global powerhouse that can threaten America both financially and militarily? Surprise! Jews in president Bill Clinton’s administration played a huge role in doing that [1]. Almost every person involved in the administration’s “let’s grow China like a weed” strategy was Jewish, especially Clinton’s national security advisor Samuel “Sandy” Berger, a former lobbyist for China and a guy who was caught stuffing classified documents into his socks (that must be a “Jewish thing”). Here’s one news quote about Berger: “He drew on his experience on Capitol Hill to lobby Congress to allow China into the World Trade Organization, part of a big gamble by the Clinton administration” — from an AP article. Here’s another news quote about Berger: “In the way of background, according to the New York Times, Berger served as ‘the point man for the (Clinton) White House’s China policy.'” Allowing China into the World Trade Organization was critical to the outsourcing of many millions of American jobs to China. A “deal” (law) that Bill Clinton signed said that, if China joined the WTO, then permanent Most Favored Nation trade status for China would follow (despite the fact that China has murdered and oppressed millions of its citizens). It did. That, in turn, led to the outsourcing of millions of American jobs to China, because greedy U.S. manufacturers were emboldened by China’s new, permanent MFN trade status, which previously had to be renewed yearly. Mind you, this post doesn’t address many other serious issues with the Clinton administration vis-a-vis China. Do web searches for “Clinton + China + supercomputer technology.” You will be shocked and angry.


[1] Bill Clinton’s administration contained a surprisingly large number of Jews — probably the most Jews of any presidential administration in U.S. history; see “The Jews Who Run Clinton’s Court”

  • 2 Responses to “China Today: Why is it a Problem for America?”

    1. Arian Says:

      Who opened up China ?

      Henry Kissinger

    2. Chandala Says:

      Deception: How Clinton Sold America Out to the Chinese Military – Charles R. Smith – 2004

      From the Amazon blurb:
      “President Clinton personally approved of the penetration of the U.S. aerospace industry by the Chinese Army….
      According to U.S. Commerce Department documents, Gen. Shen met with Ron Brown and Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz. President Clinton personally approved the meeting. The resulting espionage success of General Shen led directly to improved ICBM missile guidance and reliability for the Chinese Army.”