23 March, 2019

The Mueller Report: It Didn’t Work as the Jews Had Planned. Right-Wing Populism Isn’t Dead. Now What?

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Jew #1: “Crap! Our attempts to discredit ‘right-wing populism’ have failed! There’s nothing in the Mueller Report! Donald Trump will be re-elected! No one can run against him and win! JFK couldn’t win against Trump!”

Jew #2: “He’s right. Running against Trump is like running against pizza — you can’t win. Maybe we can still convince the rubes that right-wing populism is really fascism, and is a danger to our democracy!”

Jew #3: “Maybe we can return to the ‘Trump-is-mentally-unfit’ argument!”

Jew #4: “I don’t know about that idea. Trump’s looking good for Zionism — look at the Golan Heights thing!”


  • 3 Responses to “The Mueller Report: It Didn’t Work as the Jews Had Planned. Right-Wing Populism Isn’t Dead. Now What?”

    1. Luke Says:

      If there is one thing that really tweaks my pro-White jimmies more than ANYTHING else, is it this automatic, knee jerk, disengaged brain, premature tendency to start celebrating any event or trivial outcome that, on the superficial surface, gives the ‘impression’ that something ‘good’ has happened that will benefit our White racial survival movement.

      Here are a few thoughts that immediately flooded through my mind, as soon as I saw the first msm reporting of the Mueller report and it’s ‘failure’ to find anything of substance with regards to illegal Russian collusion by the TrumpenMerkel Administration during the 2016 El Presidente election.

      Point #1: Several weeks ago, Nancy Pig-los-see defies the rising virulently anti-White, TrumpenMerkel hating colored ascendant within the DemonRat party ranks and announces that ‘there will be no Impeachment effort to remove the Orange Cuck Master, at least for as long as Pig-los-see remains in charge of the House.

      Point #2: At the SOTU Speech, the TrumpenMerkel announces that he is going to do a 180 degree flip flop and shove his pathetic little NY City sewer rat pecker up the asses of the 63 million mostly White voters who put him into Office based on his promises in 2016 regarding his #1 signature issue, i.e., securing our borders, deporting illegal shit holers, and building the wall and dramatically reducing LEGAL immigration into the USA. In other words, at the SOTU speech – the Orange Cuck Master promised he was going to morph into Yeb Bush.

      Point #3: Since the SOTU speech, I think I have counted no less than 5 times where the TrumpenMerkel has repeated his ‘new’ desire to import MASSIVE NUMBERS of [shit holers] immigrants, in greater numbers than EVER BEFORE.

      Point #4: Since his SOTU speech, TrumpenMerkel now seems unable to issue a tweet on Twitter that doesn’t include fellating jewish taliwhacker in one way or another, and he crawled down so far inside the CUCK sewer recently to proudly declare that he would win 98% of the hebrew vote if he were running for president of Its-a-lie.

      Hence, it crosses my mind that the jews who have been behind the Mueller investigation of the TrumpenMerkel and a few members of his family (the few who aren’t jews) have cut some kind of deal with this gutless turd and the deal was something along these lines:

      Drop your entire 2016 promised agenda, and become Yeb Bush and get on board with our White race replacement / White Genocide agenda and we will call off the (((dogs))) and let you coast for the next 18 months until the November 2020 elections. And, if you demonstrate a daily willingness to remain on your knees in front of every pair of unzipped trousers that are worn by your jewish masters and make sure your mouth and throat are always in the WIDE OPEN position, then we might even let you have 4 more years.

    2. BroncoColorado Says:

      Luke is right. It is something we should know already and not be surprised by traitors, stabbing Whites in the back is their job, that is the condition by which big jew allows them to hold office.
      We can only be saved by our own efforts, ourselves alone, nobody else. Why do we keep falling, decade after decade, for the same old bait and switch jew game!

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Trump will not win in 2020. The democrats are flooding Texas and Florida with illegals who will vote against Trump.

      This is the end
      Beautiful friend
      This is the end
      My only friend

      The end
      Of our elaborate plans
      The end
      Of everything that stands
      The end
      No safety or surprise
      The end
      I’ll never look into your eyes

      Can you picture what will be
      So limitless and free
      Desperately in need of some stranger’s hand
      In a desperate land

      Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain
      And all the children are insane
      All the children are insane
      Waiting for the summer rain, yeah

      There’s danger on the edge of town
      Ride the king’s highway, baby
      Weird scenes inside the gold mine
      Ride the highway west, baby

      Ride the snake, ride the snake
      To the lake
      The ancient lake

      The snake is long, seven miles
      Ride the snake
      He’s old
      And his skin is cold

      The west is the best
      The west is the best
      Get here, and we’ll do the rest

      The blue bus is callin’ us
      The blue bus is callin’ us
      Driver, where you taking us

      The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on
      He took a face from the ancient gallery
      And he walked on down the hall
      He went into the room where his sister lived, and…then he
      Paid a visit to his brother, and then he
      He walked on down the hall, and
      And he came to a door…and he looked inside
      “Father?” “Yes, son.” “I want to kill you.”
      “Mother, I want to…”

      C’mon babe

      C’mon baby, take a chance with us
      C’mon baby, take a chance with us
      C’mon baby, take a chance with us
      And meet me at the back of the blue bus
      Doin’ a blue rock
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      C’mon, yeah

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      Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill

      This is the end
      Beautiful friend
      This is the end
      My only friend, the end

      It hurts to set you free
      But you’ll never follow me
      The end of laughter and soft lies
      The end of nights we tried to die

      This is the end