17 April, 2019

Britain: the Jews Go After Right-Wing Philosopher Roger Scruton, Accuse Him of Anti-Semitism for Telling the Truth

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(I’ve noticed something very curious about Jews over the years. They love to mention to gentiles that they’re Jewish. Some how, some way, a Jew will tell you that he’s Jewish. Sooner or later. But, here’s the nugget of the matter: if you mention his Jewishness to another gentile, you’re an anti-Semite! Only he is allowed to mention his Jewishness).


“This brings me to the right-wing philosopher Sir Roger Scruton. In “The Value of Victimhood,” I described how he had been condemned as an anti-Semite in November 2018. After he was appointed as an advisor on architecture to the Conservative government, his leftist enemies went digging for dirt to use against him and uncovered a speech he had made in Hungary some years before. He had criticized George Soros and said that “Many of the Budapest intelligentsia are Jewish, and form part of the extensive networks around the Soros empire.” Labour MPs like Luciana Berger, a heroine of the Jewish community, declared that Scruton was obviously an anti-Semite. George Soros is Jewish and Scruton had criticized Soros for being powerful and influential. Such criticism is a classic “anti-Semitic trope,” therefore Scruton is an anti-Semite and the truth of Soros’s power and influence is irrelevant.”


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