9 April, 2019

What’s “Democratic Socialism”?

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(Above: Che “Next Year In Bolivia!” Guevara, democratic socialist hero; how did a “poor” communist get a Rolex? He must have “liberated” it, wink-wink)

“Democratic Socialism”: it’s that short period of time between “I just voted for a Socialist” and “I just had all of my property seized by the government and now I’m being forced into a ‘re-education’ camp run by a Cuban.” It’s, like, a blissful, democratic, 6-month period of time. Enjoy it while you can. [Article].

  • 3 Responses to “What’s “Democratic Socialism”?”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Not many people know it but old Che didnt like Niggers!
      Thought they were lazy and useless and half assed
      “Revolutionaries” . Whats more is his buddy Castro agreed!
      But Commies will never admit some are less able or equal in their
      Eternal march toward the “workers paradise”.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Is that magazine he is reading entitled, “Bohemian?”

      Hitler was a Bohemian in his youth.

      I have read about Hitler. He was an artist. Che, YOU ARE NOT, AND HAVE NEVER BEEN, AN ARTIST!

    3. fd Says:

      American Jewish Democratic Capitalism is heavily monitored, taxed and covered with laws that threaten jail time.

      The communism that Che subscribed to was mild compared to real communism that captured more than half of Europe.

      Countries in Latin America better train their soldiers in guerrilla warfare, because the Federals will eventually move against them to extract wealth.