16 June, 2019

Mass Murder in the West: Why Was It Rare in 1960 But Common Today?

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Here’s one big reason: liberalism. For example, parents don’t properly discipline their kids anymore. They don’t spank their kids when they misbehave. So the kids grow up to be defective people; some become really defective people. In the case below, a German airline pilot committed both suicide and mass murder in 2015 by deliberately crashing a commercial airplane into a mountain in France with 150 people aboard it. If he was feeling so bad, why didn’t he simply kill himself instead? What an asshole. It didn’t help that the murderous pilot was being treated for depression with powerful anti-depressant drugs, which often worsen mental problems. And, thanks to liberal liability laws, German doctors were reluctant to inform the airline that the pilot was mentally ill; they feared possible prosecution for breaking liberal confidentiality laws. [Video of plane crash, animated, duration is 14 minutes].

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    1. Sonnenkinder SS Says:

      Germans have been beaten over the head for the last 70 plus years. The Nazis were the last best chance for the world and we saw what happened.
      Now the world can stew in the steaming pile of utopia it thinks it will create.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      And what was he doing in the cockpit, while the main pilot was trying to crash the door down with an axe? My guess is that he was either meditating or masturbating. There were families with young babies on that flight . . .

      I was in Frankfurt when the memorial service was held. A sadder event I have never been to. That service, an exhibit I went to on the 30-yrs. war, all the weapons of war that I saw in the castles, and the statues in Alsace dedicated to the French men that the Nazis impressed into service sent me into a serious and terrible depression.

    3. Ray Allan Says:

      You’re right, Antagonistes, because they found cum stains in the cockpit wreckage. Why else do you think they call it the cockpit.

    4. Luke Says:

      This is a perfect opportunity to aggressively skewer a jewish youtube personality who seems to have somehow cultivated a dangerously large following of IQ defective morons.

      This youtube clown’s name is Stefan Molyneux – who, might I add, is closely associated with – or has been in the past – with an admitted jewess by the name of Lauren Southern.

      Molyneux has repeatedly railed and ranted about how ‘horrible’ it is for parents to spank their disobedient children. And, I am not defending physical child abuse that goes far above and beyond a simple spanking – but, in the fevered and subversive brain of Stefan Molyneux – there is no difference between these two concepts. Molyneux condemns both – which means, he, as a subversive, cultural enemy of White European Western Civilization is promoting the same kind of destructive liberal insanity and indulgence of child misbehavior that leads directly to the vast majority of these mass shootings and pathological explosions of senseless violence, death, and misery.

      Here are few facts. When I was being raised in my two parent, traditional White family household – when I was young, if I needed a spanking, I got one and now I am an adult and I have never been involved in any mass shooting or have I ever spent 10 seconds inside a jail cell. And, here is something else – once a kid grows to a certain age in a household who is willing to use spanking as a last resort corrective measure, it is no longer necessary for the parents to spank the kid because by that time, he or she have already learned what the boundaries are for acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Those boundaries do not disappear when that kid leaves his parent’s house – they are carried with that kid as they make their way out into society.

      So, anyone who listens to Stefan Molyneux and hears his frequent ravings about the evils of spanking their kids – needs to tune this jew out and ignore his bullshit. His ideology is hurting your kids development.

    5. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Spanking does not work on all children. A sensitive child needs only a reprimand; to use physical violence against him would do lasting harm.

      The ancient wisdom, as recorded in the book of Proverbs, says, “A wise man heeds rebuke, but a rod is for the backs of fools.” The same applies to children.

      The wise man does not conform to a world that is trying to make everyone the same, because he knows that everyone is not the same. He also sees that not all children are the same; most of all, his own.

      To indiscriminately spank all children who misbehave is to buy into the mentality that “one size fits all.” This kind of mindset is the way of the unthinking person.

    6. Antagonistes Says:

      Holy One, I appreciate your heartfelt and wise observations. Your serious insights are always welccome, but . . .

      It seems that we have some people posting on here who think that they can deliver comedy. Who think that they can make light of such as sacred event as the funeral for all those slaughtered by that maniac German pilot.

      I take this personally, Holy One, since I was at the funeral, and actually got choked up, quite a bit. I do like for my serious observations and insights to be mocked like this. I know, Holy One, I should ignore it as though it were a pesky horsefly . . . but I am not there yet. Close, but not yet at your sublime level.

      Holy One, please reach out to this soul, which dwells in darkness. He is indeed a brother to the German masturbator, if he can so easily make light of such a tragic event.

      It reminds me of that one fellow who thought he could airbrush naked women as well as Thom McQueen and I can. Well, he did not use the right kind of paint, and as he was airbrushing one young lady’s “nether regions” the paint started burning her. She jumped up and ran out naked into the night, only about one-tenth painted, howling like a banshee. The crowd outside the tent of this “artist” got knocked over by her. One lady got a tooth knocked out. Many people got their beers knocked out of their hands.

      I hope that she found the help that she so desperately needed. Curiously, there were several reports of people seeing the “mothman” the next day.

      So . . . leave art and comedy to the professionals. And have just a little bit of sympathy for the bereaved, for God’s sake.

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      Should have read, “I do NOT like for my serious observations and insights to be mocked like this.”

    8. Thom McQueen Says:

      Ant, that was one fine little ol gal who went to the wrong body-painter. He was a perfumed sand nigger from the middle-east who would chat up the gals as he airbrushed their arse. What a figjam (“fuck, I’m good, just ask me).