26 June, 2019

White Philosophy for Newbies: What is Nationalism?

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A nation is not a state or a country.

A nation is a group of people. Those people are alike. A great example is the Japanese people. They are a nation. If you removed all the Japanese people from Japan and moved them to Kansas, they would still be “the Japanese nation.” A nation is people. It has nothing to do with lines on a map (but granted, the nation needs a place to live and to call “home” — unless that nation is wandering, “international Jews”). Being a White nationalist means thinking and acting racially. The Jews, of course, misrepresent the meaning of nationalism in order to fool White people. Nationalism is not patriotism, which is allegiance to a state or country. [Webpage].

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    1. Joey Virgo Says:

      According to the U.S. Constitution a nation is a state, it’s sovereign. Or was, before Lincoln. Now a nation is a centralized government ruling over the people, regardless of the U.S. Constitution.

      The South could be a nation of one people, but the “one people” living in the South want to include blacks and escape the label “white supremacism.” You can’t have a whole nation of whites if whites won’t agree as to what constitutes “one people.”