15 July, 2019

A Manifesto: a Scary Glimpse Into the Mind of a Marxist Radical

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(Above: trannies are tomorrow’s leaders, according to this Marxist manifesto)

[This post is related to yesterday’s post]

The late, elderly Marxist, Willem Van Spronsen, wrote:

“my trans comrades have transformed me…”

So: male psychos who think they are female (or vice versa) “transformed” you? Gee, it didn’t take much to transform you, did it?

“…solidifying my conviction that we will be guided to a dreamed of future by those most marginalized among us today.”

So: homosexual niggers, tranny freaks, eco-terrorists, purple-haired drug addicts, and brain-dead “Che” worshippers — among others — are going to lead America into an idyllic future where all humans are equal but tranny freaks are even more equal than everyone else? [1]. There’s a genuinely frightening thought. But don’t worry, White folks, our federal government is currently taking steps to prevent that from happening…ha-ha-ha.

[Marxist Manifesto].


[1] Re: Marxism and its belief in human equality: “In the name of science and of man it (Marxism) seeks to transcend the specific divisions of climate, race and creed, of nation-state and language-group, in order to chart a common future for mankind.” — from the book “The Ethical Foundations of Marxism” by Jewish/Marxist scholar Eugene Kamenka (1928-1994), 1962; from the Preface to the Japanese edition, 1965

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    1. Sun Wheel Says:

      Any society that celebrates and elevates genetic misfire subhumans has no future and doesn’t deserve to have one.
      This all shifted into high gear under that halfbreed gloryhole server from Kenya and his she male tranny beard.