20 July, 2019

There’s No Need for Them to Hide It Anymore: Genocide is Coming

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A smart fellow told me one day: “never let your enemy know what you’re planning to do.” That’s good advice. But look at the photo at the top of this article: the big sign reads “We Will Replace You.” Meaning “Blacks and Browns will replace White people.” Yes. Our racial enemies are so emboldened these days that they don’t even need to hide the truth anymore. It’s a given that, barring some freak event (like another Hitler coming to power in America), Whites will be replaced by Blacks and Browns, due largely to immigration but also due to higher fertility (birth) rates among Blacks/Browns [1]. This replacement was planned. The opening of the “Brown immigration floodgates” in 1965, and the constant pushing of multiculturalism and diversity by the schools, the media and Hollywood, was no accident. (Genocide is a serious crime, by the way. Think anyone will be punished for wiping out White people?).



[1] the U.S. has a fertility rate of only 1.7 children per woman; African countries average around 5.7 children per woman

  • 2 Responses to “There’s No Need for Them to Hide It Anymore: Genocide is Coming”

    1. Adolf Satan Says:

      The Bolsheviks will have to get the guns for their JWO utopia.
      Will Whites wake up and stop applying altruism to races who plot their demise?
      Hopefully but holding your breath is not a good idea.
      This isn’t 1917 and our external enemies are laughing and just waiting for the right time.
      The Kwan will probably be balkanized after the latest round of man made utopia building results in hell on earth.

    2. Zorton the Magnificent Says:

      POC are not our friends. They are not Us. They don’t belong here.
      Having said THAT, let me say that they are not our “racial enemies”. They are NPC’s and pawns.

      Just deal with the relatively tiny number of (((Root Perpetrators))) and all of this agony goes away. Rhodesian bush wars showed what happens when Whites are given anything close to a level playing field. Deal with the Root Perps and that gives us a level playing field — where we win without breaking a sweat.