15 August, 2019

Being Nice to Nigs: Not a Workable Plan

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News headline: “Philadelphia police pelted with objects, taunted during harrowing shootout, standoff”

Hey, cops: did you really think that “being nice to the negroes” was going to work? Call me cynical, but I don’t think it worked. The nigs seem to hate you more than ever…


  • 5 Responses to “Being Nice to Nigs: Not a Workable Plan”

    1. Adolf Satan Says:

      Too bad so sad about that glorious people’s collective utopia where all the equal comrades ride on unicorns while holding hands and singing hymns of praise to globalist pimps. I love the smell of utopia FAIL at any hour.

    2. Luke Says:

      I have lost any ability to feel a split second of sympathy or anxiety or compassion whenever I see articles in the news that talk about incidents involving these TNB chimpouts and where kwaps wind up getting shot.

      These are the same kwaps – most of them White – who will click their heels, salute their police department’s semen coated picture on the wall of a President Kamala Harris or a President Elizabeth Fauxahontus Warren or any one of the other evil Communist cockroaches who are competing for the DemoNrat nomination for President and when these bitches order them to do SWAT raids on the homes of law abiding White men who refuse to hate their own race and who are stubbornly not lusting for another dude’s bone to be shoved up their assholes and who refuse to condone their white daughters spreading their legs for transplanted African savages – and these Commie bitches order those White kwaps to confiscate the firearms of those dissident White males – I will guarantee that no less than 95 percent of these white race treasonous kwaps will gleefully do exactly as they are being told and they will take pleasure in the opportunity to KILL any White man and his entire White family who refuse to surrender their weapons.

      Kwaps are NOT our friends. They are our enemies. As are ALL race traitors.

    3. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Well, you are both correct, but still the two women are nothing more than tools like 41% Woodrow criminal Wilson was shoe horned in to the POTUS position by the aliens who had NYC by the throat in 1912. William Taft was kept out because he did understand the criminal aliens among US. He stated clearly in 1912 that the U.S. would take sides in any European war or supply any side in a war. That war was being planned. Jacob Shift loaned Japan 45 million dollars in 1900 and sent the best UK and German naval architects engineers to build modern naval ships for Japan and train them using the modern cannon of that time. In 1904 Japan attacked at Sunrise Sunday morning sinking the Russian nave in Port Author. Japan also paid that loan back and did not want to be any proxy nigger for the enemy aliens of man and so they put on the shit list by 1927, as they were 100% anti Communist.

      Taft also personally fought against the 1911 senate move to nullify the long time US/Russian treaty of mutual support. The Romanov’s in the US Civil war had ships in N.J. across from lower Manhattan and SF CA to protect out interference etc. In 1911 Jacob and other POS”s had a photo taken on the WH lawn with TAFT frowning following the removal of the treaty with Russia.

      The Congoid/other savage invaders are proxy warriors and NPR/Media along with scum in foggy bottom move every day for more incitement and more security to see to it no uprising by us would have a snow ball chance in hell, but at the same time they have destroyed since the people of 1941 were used set up in Pearl Harbor treason to kill murder destroy their enemies the People of Europe. Our reward is on the stupid TV that older retired White men watch every fucking day, and it will do you NO good to try and awaken the cooliege educated older White men at this time whether well off or homeless. EVERY town city in the regime is full of HOMELESS and ALL the POS Pols want govt this and that to deal with it, but THEY will NOT talk about the kike/Hollywood/NYC money directed hostile invasion of us and the entire. We are witnessing the looting and destruction of any rights or freedom for Western people to be completed. Scum is all we can get for office since Nov. 22, 1963.

    4. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      William Taft was kept from being elected with the third party scheme, because he did understand the criminal aliens among US. He stated clearly in 1912 that the U.S. THAT HE WOULD NEVER take sides in any European war or supply any side in a war.


    5. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Please post correction just sent. Thank you.