31 August, 2019

Mass Shootings: They Are Getting Very Ridiculous

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When there’s a mass shooting in your country every month, something is seriously wrong and it ain’t the gun laws. It’s the people. Consider this comment about today’s young people from writer John Derbyshire: “I have heard the same thing from other academics. This youngest tranche of students, the ones raised on social media, are, they say, “different” in scary ways from what has gone before. Key differences are their closed-mindedness and emotional fragility. They have high levels of depression and anxiety. They don’t date much; they don’t have sex much; they don’t fall in love.” Of course they have high levels of anxiety and depression. They aren’t raised properly from Day One. Mommy is off working all day, ignoring them. They don’t feel any love from Mommy, starting at Day One. There’s 80% of the problem right there. Add violent video games and the giant circle-jerk of social media bitterness and anger, and you’ve got an entire generation of would-be killers.


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    1. Joel Says:

      This generation is headed towards a dark, gloomy path.

      The new “metro” jewfaggot man.


    2. Joel Says:

      *”metro ‘sexual'”

      It is part of Controlled Opposition.


      You can think it is instigated by the Left or the government to get new gun laws, but it is really done by the government through mind control just to let you know they are doing it, and that they are in charge.


    3. BroncoColorado Says:

      The whole Western world is on the crazy jew treadmill, actually China will probably surpass the US in that respect. The mom spends up to 10 hours a day in a cubicle selling ‘advertising time’, while her husband works his balls off as a ‘claims adjuster’. For what purpose?
      I have just discovered the writings of Xenophon, the famous contemporary of the Greek philosopher Socrates, available on Project Gutenberg. Here was a man completely at ease with tradition and what it meant to be a man. He lead the famous 10,000 warriors on the long march back from Persia, and on safely returning home to Greece he wrote about the running of a household, the training of horses, and the qualities of leadership.
      One surprising quality he recognized as being almost essential in those who wish to lead, is the practical concern for agriculture. If a man first considered himself a farmer, before any military obligations or duties of leadership (like Cincinatus) his judgment would be sounder based than a man who had little or no connection to the soil.
      Ok, we can’t all be farmers in today’s world, but many can have a vegetable patch or some potted fruit trees to instruct us that all sustenance comes from the soil and not from the air-freighted produce in the supermarket

    4. Wes Says:

      All this wouldn’t have anything to do with zog creating a high stress society.
      Cities full of non-Whites, mass overcrowding, poverty jobs, no s3nse of stability in a common society. Thos3 things wouldn’t create a sense of disenfranchisement, n3ver !

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      Xenophon was right about working with the earth promoting good judgement.

      Nowdays, though, people don’t even want to have yards, much less farms. They cram in two or more houses on a lot suitable for just one house. Nobody even mows their yard anymore, much less has a garden. They just hire some mestizos to do it.

      The money-men are in control. They have regulated our lives, made everything into right angles, and want us to be only consumers (so they can make $$$$).

    6. Joel Says:


      -You notice in the original Karate Kid, even though they are supposively in High School, they look like fully devoped adults andnot tall Elementary School kids – that are the same age, as that 1st link shows.


    7. Joel Says:

      The link at the bottom of the previous message is to the original Karate Kid. The link at the top is to YouTube’s “mighty midgets” Cobra Kai.