7 August, 2019

White People Must Decide: Who Owns America? (Answer: Not Mexico)

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Is America going to have to fight the 1846-1848 Mexican-American War all over again? Numerous Mexicans, including a U.S. congresswoman (!), have boldly said on TV that President Trump “isn’t welcome” in El Paso, an American city that is roughly 80% Mexican. Oh, really?? News flash, Mexicans: America fought a war with Mexico in 1846 and won that war, gaining lots of territory, including Texas. The White republic called “The United States of America” (which was created in 1776 by 118 White men) owns El Paso, and all of Texas, and Arizona, and California, and so on. By the way, how is Trump “responsible” for the El Paso mass shooting but prior presidents aren’t responsible for mass shootings that occurred on their watch? Why is there two standards for responsibility? Once again, we see non-White and leftist politics desperately being used to subvert traditional America. (Trivia: right next door to El Paso is Juarez, Mexico, a city so violent that even the criminals are afraid to go out at night. Mexicans have a lot of balls lecturing White people about violence. Mexico is so violent that 5-out-of-6 of the most-violent cities in the entire world are located in…that’s right, Mexico) [1].


[1] see the news article titled “Five of the Six Most Violent Cities in the World are in Mexico, Report Says” by Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times, March 14, 2019

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