11 September, 2019

9/11 and the New Culture of “Never Forget”

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On the TV today, it’s going to be “9/11 Remembrance” all day long. In fact, it’ll probably last a week.

Like Holocaust Remembrance, 9/11 Remembrance has become a religion of sorts. And why not? Both events are Jewish-connected and the Jews — a vengeful tribe — are the people of “never forget” (actually, their motto is “never forgive, never forget”).

But America’s culture itself has become Judaized: today, there’s a huge, taxpayer-funded memorial for nearly everything: 9/11, Oklahoma City, AIDS, Matthew Shepard, Fallen Educators (!), Lassie, Tiny Tim, and so on. (Some memorials have yet to be built: National Global War on Terrorism Memorial, National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial, National Native American Veterans Memorial, etc.).

As for the 9/11/01 terrorism event itself, who did it? I believe that Israel “hired” (i.e., recruited, aided, funded) Arabs to commit 9/11. That way, if the plan failed and the terrorists were caught beforehand, Israel could deny any involvement and point to the Arabs. After all, Israel is famous for doing things like that: recall the 1954 Lavon Affair, one of many Jewish “false flag” events. Anyway, that’s my theory. You may have a different theory.

  • 3 Responses to “9/11 and the New Culture of “Never Forget””

    1. Wes Says:

      “I believe that Israel “hired” (i.e., recruited, aided, funded) Arabs to commit 9/11”

      Include , tricked, manipulated, conned. You forgot ((( their ))) foremost talents.

    2. Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds Says:

      We need that Rastus Banjolip memorial with an official (c)rap soundtrack to celebrate vibrant diversity.
      Being a turd world African shithole is something to be.
      A Paco Beandip monument is in order to celebrate beans and peppers.
      The new Mudslime comrades should check into the KwA right by the old site of the WTC. They can bow down to their goat raping pedophile god while Comrade DeBlasio strikes a pose to show how much he cares.
      This clown sh1tshow is wildly entertaining.

    3. Joe Says:

      Sorry. I disagree completely by the simple fact that “Arabs” could not have had the access nor expertise to plant the thermite explosives in the 3 NY Buildings months in advance to bring about the controlled demolition that ensued. Only jews could have executed this feat.