18 September, 2019

Gun Crime in America, or, Only Telling Half the Truth

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A few days ago, there was a U.S. congressman on the TV who said that 80% of the gun crimes in America are committed by street-gang members. Okay. Fair enough.

But, what didn’t the congressman say? He didn’t say that most street-gang members in America are non-White (i.e., Black or Hispanic). So, in other words, most of the gun crimes in America are committed by non-Whites. This is important for several reasons. For one thing, it means that anti-gun laws are completely targeting the wrong people (no pun intended). America’s law-abiding “gun culture” (target shooting, hunting, etc.) is 95% White, so most law-abiding gun owners — the people most burdened by anti-gun laws — are White. Criminals don’t obey gun laws, so passing more of them won’t stop so-called “gun violence.” (What would stop “gun violence”? A nation-wide government crackdown on all Black and Brown males under age 40, including much-longer jail and prison sentences, and state-imposed curfews in big cities. But, of course, such a crackdown will never happen: today, Blacks and Browns have more “rights” than you do, White man).

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    1. Joel Says:

      Farrakhan only believes in separation as a LAST resort.
      FUCK him!


    2. Joel Says:

      The monkey? has to be coached by the jewess Bawa-Wawa how to want separation and be a good Black Muslim.

    3. Clowntopia Says:

      Liberal judges let their future Red Guards out the next day and the bangers know this in places like Chicago.
      They will be used as Red Guards when the gun rounding up time comes.