6 September, 2019

Labor Jewnions, Again

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(Above: an abandoned factory in the Rust Belt, located in the Ohio/Michigan/Pennsylvania region; all of the jobs went overseas).

Why did American-made goods cost so much during the last 60 years? Labor unions. Why is the Rust Belt a giant, multi-state graveyard of abandoned factories? For the same reason: labor unions.

For decades, American cars cost way more than they should have. A car should have cost you $8,000, not $13,000. A hammer should have cost you $6.00, not $12.00. You overpaid for years.

Also, labor unions artificially shrink the labor pool. There are less jobs around.

The labor union movement in America was founded and run by Jews: Samuel Gompers, Sidney Hillman, David Dubinsky, Rose Schneiderman, Ralph Helstein, Lillian Herstein, Abraham Cahan, B. Charney Vladeck, Jacob S. Potofsky, Arthur J. Goldberg (a legal strategist and negotiator for Big Labor), Bill and Jackie Presser. Worse, there were many communists in the labor unions.

For decades, labor union dues were used to fund left-wing political causes.

(I will sort of agree with Stossel on one point: labor unions may have been necessary in the early years — e.g., in the 1930s, when a lot of families were starving; however, one could also make a counter argument: that more jobs would have been available if not for unions).


  • 5 Responses to “Labor Jewnions, Again”

    1. Thom McQueen Says:

      Well, I agree, to a point.Comic book artists, and even the Disney artists, were paid peanuts until they organized.

      Old Walt had long pockets, short arms.

    2. Socrates Says:

      Many years ago, I met an original Disney artist. He was about 90 years old. He showed me many original drawings that he made. He told me stories about the Old Days. It was amazing. He drew Mickey Mouse and other characters. He was very talented. I was honored to be in his house. To talk with him. He was royalty. About a year later he died. How sad. But how wonderful to meet him. They don’t make artists like that any more…I still enjoy Disney movies such as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty…

    3. Thom McQueen Says:

      Was it that Swedish bloke, Gustaff Tenngren? Those men were the true magicians.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom and Soc, the Brothers Hildebrandt, who caused such a sensation with the Tolkien calendars back in the 70’s, were actually rejected by Disney when they applied for artist jobs.

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      Walt Disney himself was more a technician than an artist.

      Behind that kindly and fatherly appearance was a man very much in tune with financial realities.

      Walt had good ideas, but he drove his people relentlessly. All nighters were common among the Disney artists. I trust that Walt ordered them pizza.