30 October, 2019

Jews: Always Pushing an Agenda, 24/7/365

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A news quote, 10/30/19: “A spokeswoman for the German foreign ministry said: “We condemn the recent threats by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps against Israel in the strongest possible terms. Such anti-Israel rhetoric is completely unacceptable. Israel’s right to exist is not negotiable.”


Bullshit. Some basic facts here:

1. Israel has a “right to exist”? Nope. No state has a “right to exist.” Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and East Germany no longer exist. States come and go.

2. Why are the Zionists so hung up about a word? “Anti-Israel” or “anti-Semitic”? What difference does a word make? Answer: plenty of difference if you’re a Jew who is always working an ethnic angle 24/7! In fact, Jews are on a worldwide crusade to make “anti-Semitism” the worst crime that a gentile can possibly commit, and they have nearly succeeded in that crusade. Indeed, America now has an “anti-Semitism office” at the U.S. State Department which “monitors and combats global anti-Semitism,” funded by your White tax dollars (thanks to years of Jewish political pressure upon the U.S. government. Ask yourself: why is a gentile country “monitoring and combating” anti-Jewish feelings around the world? Hmmm?).


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