25 November, 2019

America: a Democracy? No, a Judeocracy

Posted by Socrates in America, America as an arm of world Jewry, jewed culture, jewed media, jewed politics, Jewish democracy, Socrates, Trump, Trump and Making America Great Again, Trump's policies at 5:40 pm | Permanent Link


“Jews attain positions of influence and power, not because they are so talented, smart, noble, or well-liked, but rather because they effectively buy their way into power. They are adept at using cash donations, personal connections, and ‘sharp elbows’ to maneuver themselves into key positions in government and media, and then to use those positions to further enhance their wealth and personal network. It is a self-reinforcing cycle of the most malicious sort: of using wealth to create wealth, of using power to grow more powerful.”


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